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To pay for his crimes

Zoot Zoot

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Darkness, its all he had suffered for almost seven months now, let out only to exercisse for an hour, before ebing placed back in his cell. A small hatch at the bottom of his door opened three times a day for a meal, and every three days, his clothes were removed, and returned to him cleaned and pressed. His own grasp of time was lost long long ago, he measured the days by his three meals a day, and what they consisted of. The the day came where it all changed, his routine broken, he was given the offer for his last supper, offered a packet of cigarettes and given a shaving kit. He was given a haircut, and a new suit, pressed, black with a black shirt and red tie, a hat and a black leather trenchcoat. His artificial eye had been repaired, his artificla hand and leg were given back to him.

The door opened into the cell, white light poured in, momentarily blinding him. A man stood there, a familiar man, dressed in all black garb, black boots, black combat pants, black jumper, tight aginast his heavily built body. Black shades, and blonde hair. His trenchcoat fell to the floor. He knew this man.
Wesker. But who were the two next to him?, Wolf?? Alice???
He tried to call out but his voice failed him.
Wesker spoke.

"Stone, Its time"

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Stone stood quickly and backed against the wall as Wesker offered his hand to him. The Black leather gloves had a white sheen from the blinding them behind him, Alice jumped forward and grabbed Weskers hand pulling it back:
"Father he is scared, I will speak to him, wait outside, Wolf, go with Father." said Alice, in a commanding voice, both men obeyed immediatly.

Alice, the child made in a lab, as close to a super soldier a soldier could be under the Malvinian/UC regime, regular injections enhanced her for around 15 hours before she needed another. No stronger than anyone else, but the drugs made her faster and more aware, more like performance enhancing drugs athletes take. She was in a White labcoat, her long red hair fell to her shoulders, Canadian military fatigues under them, The deep brown eyes stared warmly at Barney as he cowered in fear against the back wall, fearing his execution, fearing this woman and her company. Fearful as to why the hell they were here.

"Alice, why are you here? Im going to be executed" came the quiet voice of Stone.
"Your not being executed, a masked body double is going to be. The Canadians want to employ you."
"Why? Why me? why the $%&@ is Wesker here, why is Wolf here? how did he escape the rock?"
"Barney, Barney calm down Ill explain.
Wesker is my father, he escaped the tunnels and bunkers of the homeland soon after we left with the XY virus vials, which I belive are now being held in this facility.
He travelled to the former New Eden to find Wolf, but couldnt find him, so he lay low. When news came in of your capture whilst he resided in the NR protectorate in Southern Carolina, he bought tickets to fly to New London.
We also have a mindlink me and him, he told me to meet him, its a unique thing, something to do with the experiments he performed on us both, an unseen side effect."

"Ok, so how did Wolf escape?"
"He was already working with the Canadians as an informer to bring you in, the offered him more money and a better lifestyle, but when he used his connections to find out what happened to you he left it all and made it his mission to free you, on one condition.
"Which is?" came Barneys voice, now nothing more than a whisper.
"To work for a private shadow company the Emperor is setting up, Tricell Templars. It would be run by Wesker, and myself, you and wolf would be its workers"
"and what is our mission Alice?"
"The Dragon Cult"
"The bloody what now?"

Over the next several hours, Alice filled Stone in on the Dragon cult, Bonapartes God Emperor status amungst them and the general acceptance of them in the Canaidan public. She also mentioned Shinzay.

"Shinzay? hes in on this?"
"no, but he has retired to Zargathia, Wesker wants to pay him a visit"

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Bonaparte strode into the conference room minutes before the execution.
Barney, Wolf, Wesker and Alice all seated around the table stood up and saluted the Emperor as a sign of respect before sitting down again. Barney was visibly nervous becuase the cold eyes of Bonaparte stuck to him as he walked around to his chair.

"Lady, Gentlemen, Im sure you are all aware of the arrangments with Mr Stones execution" Napoleon looked at the sweating man as he spoke, before returning his gaze to Wesker.
"Yes Sire, its all arranged, the body double is a perfect physical match after extensive skin grafting and surgery."
"Then lets get to it, Barney, are you ready to meet your maker?"
"I guess I dont have a choice"
"Good, because once you have your speech, you will go into an offset room, and your double will walk out with a death mask on in an identical copy of your suit.
His leg and hand will be removed when he lies down, death by lethal injection, got it?"
"Yes Sir" replied Barney, slightly shakey now all was clear to him, he wasnt going to die.


Barney walked into the auditorium at Coats Island High Security Prison and stood behind the Podium, several armed guards marched in behind him, their black military fatigues and berets pressed neatly, and their SA80 A2's aginast their shoulders in parade positioning.

Emperor Bonaparte followed the guards in with four Imperial Guards, their blood red uniforms and bearskin helmets making them seem giant. Taking up position on the far side of the stage, glass execution room behind them, whitecoats visible as they arrange the chair.
Napoleon cleared his through and took the microphone in his hand:

"Barney Tiberius Stone, you are called here to day to face the penalty of death for commiting the act of genocide on the Rock, resulting in the deaths of 15,000 civilians. You are also called to account for the Murder of a waitress and a police officer in New Eden, and a family of four in Imperial Waters.
Your are also called to account for launching an illegal war against the Imperial Hudson Reich, How do you plead?"

Barney looked at his feet, before looking directly at the closest camera, defiance in his eyes.
"I plead Guilty to the crimes listed against me"
Bonaparte looked down at his feet before looking back at the man with something close to admiration, "Mans got balls Ill say that" he thought.

"The by the power given to me by the Senate, people of the Canadian Empire, and St Michael. I Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte sentance you to death by lethal injection, punishment to be administered at once. Do you have any last words Mr Stone before you leave this life and move into the next?"

Stone began to smirk, which grew into a smile and then a laugh, his eyes gleaning malicously at the reporters, families of those he murdered.
He spat at the glass, a big blobual of spit and lung gunk smacked into the glass before slipping down it slowly.
"Yeah I do, I feel no regret, no remorse, nothing. The deaths of 15,000 people is nothing in the big picture, the slaughtere of my homeland was nothing in the big picture. Everybody dies and that was their time.
The only killings I am sorry for, is the family of four, A man, his wife, and both his little girls. For those deaths I am sorry.
Lets get this over with, but I do have a final request"

Bonaparte, recoiling from the spite in the mans voice replied:
"Your request is what Stone"
"A final cigarette"
"Granted, now go into the room on the left and meet your fate Stone."

Barney moved into the room quietly, smirking to himself and entered the room, door sealing behind him.
Walking right across the room, past his double, he strode out of the backdoor back into the conference room, just as his double walked out into the execution chamber. Black sack on his head, no mouth or eye holes.
Lying down on the chair and behing strapped in, his artificial leg was removed, his artificial hand was removed.
"Relax and dont tense" came the far away voice of a doctor"
He gave no reply, just closed his eyes and prepared himself to die, he made his peace with God as the first needle entered his skin, minutes later he was paralysed, unable to move be prayed in his mind, the hail mary, as the second injection peirced his skin. Dropping into blackness as needle number 3 was administered, stopping his heart.

A few minutes later, the lead doctor in the room declared Barney Tiberius Stone dead via lethal injection, the curtains were closed, and the reporters and family members were escorted out of the building and flown back to the mainland Empire before being sent on flights home.

[b]Private again OOC.. cant comment on anything after this now[/b]

"A resounding success, now then what do the Tricell Templars do?" came Barneys voice from behind the fridge door as he poured himseld a bottle of Jack.
"First we go and see Shinzay, I have his address, we leave in a few weeks" said Alice, who was on her laptop.
"Shinzay, not seen the old fart for a few years, this is the second time hes probably seen me die now, gonna be a shock for him."

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