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Peace Is Contagious

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With the signing of the Easter Sunday accords Greenland Republic and TORN are now officially at peace. The Order of the Black Rose went to war in defense of the Greenland Republic as response to the Activation of our MDP treaty the CSN by Greenland Republic. As stated in our Terms of Engagement and Ceasefire agreement we will not seek any terms or reparations when ending this conflict.
TORN fought with class, humor and tenacity and we are honored to have fought them as adversaries and hope to be able to greet them as honored friends in future.
With this declaration we of the OBR and Rosular Kingdom and TORN recognize a full state of peace exists between our two alliances. No quarter was asked by our noble foes and no terms have been asked to cement this peace. We celebrate peace without need of a color but the recognition of a valorous foe now hopefully a friend to be made.

Signed By
Sir Winslow Knight Protector
The Knights Council
For The Rosular Kingdom

bigwoody, Dear Leader
His Royal Thickness, TORN Thickfuhrer
Lord Curzon, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs
SinisterCanuck, Triumvir of War
DDEShare, Triumvir of Internal Affairs
AddictedAffliction, TORN Representative

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[quote name='Kzoppistan' date='05 April 2010 - 08:19 AM' timestamp='1270480741' post='2249128']
If only all enemies were as classy as OBR. Excellent show, as usual.

Congratulations on a hard fought peace, TORN.

I concur with this sentiment.

Congrats to TORN

Nice job OBR.. May your path of enlightened benevolence continue unabated :)


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Now this is an end to war that would make it hard for either party to leave the field of battle with a grudge. Generally that is the way things should work.
All the best to our friends in TORN with rebuilding, as well as to OBR :)

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Wow, can't believe I missed this one earlier.

Great show from you guys, OBR, easily our classiest opponent. I appreciate that you did not seek blood money, but rather showed an earnest desire for peace throughout.

May we meet next time under better circumstances.

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