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To build a base


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According to the [i][url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=82850"]Athenian - German Agreement on Advanced Cooperation and Land[/url][/i], the Germans were able to build a single naval base on Athenian territory. It had taken quite a while to get the ball rolling, but finally a location was decided upon.
[url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kythira"]Kythira[/url], an island with relatively few inhabitants. The base would be build in the east and it was planned to reach a size of roughly 18 square kilometers, big enough to harbour a considerable part of the GDR fleet.
While the people in the Palaiopoli and AviƩmonas villages would have to move for the duration of the construction, they were offered generous amounts of money, education and jobs in the base once it was finished, with GDR-standard wages. With the total population of those villages being less than 500 - the entire island having a mere 3,354 inhabitants - they could be moved relatively easily.

And while they were being moved to their temporary shelters (which would be either in the GDR, or in any part of the Federation they wanted to go to for the duration), construction began already. The Germans planned to finishe the base quickly and efficiently, building an airport in addition to the harbour. Of course, in the case of the GDR having to leave this base, it could be used afterwards by the Hellenes or its successor state, which was why the Germans were allowed to make it this big in the first place.
In the end, it was planned for the base to be capable of harbouring 28 or so vessels, from the small corvettes to the large battleships and carriers. The population of the base would be in the thousands, with many jobs in its vicinity becoming available to the natives, thus boosting the economy of the island considerably in the long run.

The plan was to build it over the course of two years at most.


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