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The Easter Sunday Accords

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So reading the post closer, I see Gramlins refused to budge on their ridiculous stance. It will be interesting to see where that policy gets them alone in the coming days.

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Though in it's most practical terms, this war has been neither a pleasure nor a profit for Sparta, it is with greatest sincetity that I congratulate IRON and TOP on the monumental, and most commendable efforts with which they have managed to continue the struggle against C&G and her stalwart allies. It has truly been a war to remember, the longest and largest war in CN history, and though we have been enemies in combat, we have been brothers in arms, and I consider myself priviledged to have been allowed such a prodigious length of time to encounter so many noble warriors. It is my sincerest hope that, in spite of the long war, the rift between IRON and Sparta and between TOP and Sparta as well should heal, and that no antagonism, the likes of which have lead so many alliances to their ultimate destruction, should continue beyond this peace. It has been, in it's most colloquial terms, a good game in every sense. And I know that I do not act alone when I wish IRON and TOP, in spite of the political and practical necessities of reparations, the very best. It has been a priviledge to meet such a challenging foe in battle.

Doxa Sparte o/
To peace o/
To our noble allies o/
And to TIDTT o/
My best wishes to each and every one of you.

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Thank you to TOP and IRON.

Many see you as aggressors, but I see you as heroes who were taken advantage of by a disingenuous leader who didn't care who would be hurt by his betrayal.

The amount of damage, aid and support put forth by those in TSO/TOP/IRON/DAWN/TORN will never be forgotten. Not only did they fight to the end, but they also gave out much aid to those who needed it, trades to those who requested it and advise to those who sought it. I will forever remember the heroic fight you put up, and no matter what anyone says you do return heroes to me.

I will leave with a quote by former president Haile Salassie of Ethiopia, "...We will forever remember our brothers who did not abandon us, yet were there in our time of need."

o7 TOP
o7 TSO

Thank you so much, for everything.

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War is over!
Let the drunken revelry commence!

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[s]lolwut... nuked like 12 hours after peace was agreed upon o_O[/s]

messed up the times. hurray for peace i guess :wacko:

also gramlins i dont get whats going on with you guys.

Edited by Venizelos
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something something evil terms something something hegemony something something MK=evil something something just as bad as NPO something something almighty grub.

(just making fun of the arguing you KNOW will happen here. )

Awwe shucks its good to see our friends in IRON get peace 0/ IRON

Its also good to see Gramlins left of the field.

MK congratz on getting sanctioned tomorrow when you're big dawgs buy all that infra back, you will deserve to be :smug:

Speaking of the sanctions race, I will be glad to see STA giving MCXA a run for its money in the next few weeks ;)

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[quote name='Venizelos' date='04 April 2010 - 11:06 PM' timestamp='1270440396' post='2248462']
lolwut... nuked like 12 hours after peace was agreed upon o_O

You do not want to play that game.

o/ TOP

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