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Celestial Being Log: Mark IV

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Good evening Planet Bob. I am pleased to announce our Fourth Edition of Celestial Being Logs, a publication designed to keep the general public abreast of the ongoings regarding Celestial Being.

First off I'd like to announce thanks to Molon Labe for being our first mass alliance buyers. They understand and respect our position regarding raiding and I'm looking forward to getting to know those guys better. They've definitely proven themselves over the past years to be very principled as well, something which I learned while fighting against them during the Karma War in which I gained tons of respect for them. As a notice to other alliances out there we are still selling tech (I'm buying :P) to only nations that do not tech raid. If you're in an alliance that raids it's fine, as long as you yourself don't raid. If you do raid during the tech deal we will be asking for all the money paid back or just holding the tech. While I know this might be controversial, this is our stance and entering a tech deal with us you should be or will be informed of the circumstances involving the deal.

Secondly, I'd like to congratulate Walford of Walfordistan on his promotion to Meister of Celestial Being. When he joined he brought with him massive amounts of experience and ideas regarding how best to help the unaligned raider and has since helped immensely. He has earned this position and myself and Kulomascovia both agreed with his promotion and expect great things.

Lastly the most major announcement, the Freedom of the Seas Pact has finally been announced. We've been working closely with our fellow signatory alliances on this for some time and are proud to finally put it all on paper and out to the public. While I'm sure it will be, and has already, brought some skepticism I'm confident we will handle this better than any predecessors whom have done something along these lines.

There's a big comparison going on between CNARF, but that is a bit off as the execution in which we handle the cases are much better than an indiscriminate attack and hiding behind an alliance. One alliance that has shown helping out unaligneds works is the NPO. While we do not exactly have the resources that they do, we understand that theirs and our method will work out better than CNARF and Yellow #5 because diplomacy will be one of the key actions we'll be taking, especially with aligned raiders.

Our goal is ultimately to help those guys whom are mostly new and just get attacked and their citizens, land, infrastructure, and technology destroyed for the simple musings of a few bored rulers. We consider, and have considered since our alliance's formation, that to be a lowly thuggish act and have since then as well pledged to help in any way we can. Since our formation we've donated tens of millions in aid to tons of nations whom needed help rebuilding and offered them temporary protection while providing them the knowledge that is required to thrive on Planet Bob.

While we know the impact that we ourselves can make is perhaps just a tad bit small, with the Freedom of the Seas Pact we know we're not alone in our efforts and also that any little bit helps. Just because it seems a daunting task does not mean we should not try. It does not mean we should not speak up. It does not mean we should not act for our beliefs.

With that being said I encourage anyone, be it alliance or individual, to drop by our forums and see what they can do to help out the cause. Anyone can make a donation for the raided victims, and alliances can also read over the pact and perhaps consider joining as well. It is our sincere hope that more people will pay attention the bullish actions being done on this Planet that is driving countless new nations away, and perhaps get them to act as well.

Thank you for your time, and good night.

Forums: http://z10.invisionfree.com/Celestial_Being/index.php?act=idx
IRC Server: irc.coldfront.net
IRC Channel: #celestial

End Log


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