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Preparing for Guerilla War

Kaede Alexeivich

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N’s orders from Yuji Misaki were simple; all he had to do now was make contact with the PMC mercenaries, and then he had freedom to execute his own plans within Alillere.
N didn’t like having to contact the PMCs, as he was extremely distrustful of such organizations. However, if they hoped to execute their plans they couldn’t hope to do so by handing a weapon to every scientist and businessman in Alillere.
N sat at his desk, and began typing away at his computer. If he had one thing to thank Kaede Asakura for, it was the technology that resulted from his industrialization moves. N could only hope they would do just as well.
He brought up his email, typed in the dozen or so passwords guarding it, and clicked on “Compose Email”. He began to type the email.

“To: Jack Mosely, CEO of Athena’s Sword International
From: Alillere Scientific
As discussed in our previous contact, we are interested in hiring a number of your soldiers for our corporation. We will have to discuss the prices for a certain number of soldiers, for example, how much would it cost to hire 4,000 of your soldiers for about a month? Should we agree on the numbers, then we will talk plans and purpose.
Thank you,
Alillere Scientific”

N sent the email, hoping he had done it properly. He didn’t want to make a fool of himself and his company by botching up one email.
With contact established, N stood to leave his desk. Hopefully, the PMC’s response would be quick; N knew Yuji was anxious to put his efforts into action.

OOC: Biohazard will be RPing the corporation and PRC, so this is my last post as the corporation.

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"And so, in fear of reprisal from the government and enemies abroad, we shall be upgrading our national assets within the country, with the ability to defend themselves from attack," said Yuji Misaki to a convene of news reporters both local and national. He stepped off the podium, and ordered an e-mail to be sent quickly: purchase a few tanks, APCs, and helicopters, however many they could in a short amount of time, to further arm the mercenaries.

The helicopters and APCs could be older variants, which was fine with him, but the tankss would need to be a bit more modern to deal with the Nagase army. The main asset that he assumed was going to be attacked was the Alillere Scientific (AS) Oil Refinery, which supplied a large amount of funds to the AS pocket change. He typed up an e-mail to a bought-off General, whose name he couldn't quite remember, and ordered 2,500 of the mercenary soldiers to patrol the ASOR (Alillere Scientific Oil Refinery), and to get whatever armor and air support they had already bought there as well.


The general, as he was called by his men, or Kazuma, as he called himself, received the e-mail and promptly assembled his men. They began to dig in as best as they could, having only a few days to prepare, with more men arriving by the hour. The fortifications, by the time the Nagase Army would arrive, would include sandbag walls, with three mounted machine guns, one for each entrance to ASOR. The fourth flank, was covered by a body of water too shallow to effectively move troops across. Two mortar pieces complemented their three tanks, two helicopters (each armed with a pair of rockets), and a single modern APC. The perimeter had some foxholes dug in, near the entrances, and about a dozen or so mines scattered on the main road. The entire complex was surrounded by thick walls, with soldiers posted on the walls to stop any attempt to break in. While it had its weaknesses, the only short-term entrance to the ASOR complex was the three entrances, each one facing south, west, and east.

General Kazuma had done all that he could in the short amount of time they had. It was up to the army of Nagase to see how well his defenses held up.

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"Sir, have you--"
"I saw it." Kaede Asakura cut off his aide. "Get Yuki here, please."
Yuki Misaki arrived within a minute.
"Yuki..." he gestured at the television that was playing the news. "Your brother Yuji..."
"Yes." she said in her amazingly soft and quiet voice. "I know of it. I will call him."
She turned to leave.
Asakura took up his own phone. He dialed for Sasaki Dengeki, the leading general of the Nagaese Army.
"General Dengeki."
"Sir, the news...I assume that's why you contact me?"
"Yes, general. We must mobilize before more of those damn PMCs get there."
"Right away sir, an attack on their Oil Refin..."
"Not the refinery." Asakura interruped. "They're fortifying that thing to hell and back. Sure, they expect an attack there, and it is valuable, but I am not keen on losing men to capture it just yet. What do you think, Sasaki?"
"Ah, yes, I see your point sir. With all those fortifications, that means..."
"Their HQ is unguarded." Asakura finished the genera's thought. "Very good. Get me Nagaese National Television."
Meanwhile, Dengeki began deploying his troops. Nagase controlled 12,160 soldiers, as well as 110 tanks, ten fighter-bombers, and ten helicoptors. By now, 20 tanks and 2,000 troops, flanked by 3 helicopters, were en route to the HQ. Another 50 tanks, 5,000 troops, and 7 helicoptors were preparing to move at the Oil Refinery, as well as a squad of fighter-bomber jets.

This is NNT, with Premier Asakura's response to Yuji Misaki's statement that has garnered much national attention.
"This will not be tolerated," Asakura's voice boomed over the thousands of people gathered before him. "Alillere is trying to stir up violence in our nation."

Yuki Misaki dialed her brother's number, and hoped he would be there to pick it up.

OOC: Edited to put total amoutn of forces

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Intelligence estimated the incoming Nagase force to be five thousand strong, double what General Kazuma had at his disposal. The only advantage that he possessed was that he was defending, and the Nagase force had to invade. The main problem, aside from any air support that they might have at their disposal, was the large amount of tanks they were sure to throw at him. If he could somehow stall the main tank in the road, forcing the others to attack the eastern and western entrances, effectively divying up their attacks, it would make it easier. Not by much, but it would help.

As the tanks came into view, rumbling down the main road, he had his three tanks positioned, hidden by camoflouge. As the tank came within range, they waited until it was approximately 100m off, before letting off a salvo of shots, hitting the main tank column. Whether or not the tank was incapacitated, it didn't matter. Kazuma ordered the tanks to fire again, and the lead tank went up in a plume of shrapnel and smoke. The southern road was linear enough that the rest of the tanks would have to break off and attack the eastern and western entrances, which had much more open terrain. He suspected that the majority of the tanks were already going to his flanks, so he pulled his three tanks back, and set them into positions, dug into the dirt, so only the turret was sticking out, on his eastern flank. He ordered the APC to take the main gate, and attempt to stall any infantry attacks that might come through the southern entrance.

On the western flank, he ordered mortar fire to stall the enemy, with spotters on the wall and in the towers. He kept his helicopters ready to attack any tanks that got close enough, confident that the pair of rockets each helicopter carried would be enough to knock it out of the battle.

Kazuma sat in the command building, which was originally the administration building for ASOR, which had been reinforced to be able to sustain large amounts of damage. He waited for the Nagase commander to make the next move, as the battle began in earnest.

[i]Yuji Misake[/i]
His cell phone rang, and he jumped, as he sipped some of the liquor that had been given to him. At the time, he didn't care what it was, so long as he had some. He answered the phone with a hiccup, "Hello?"

OOC: Sorry for any spelling mkistakes, I don't have spellcheck anymore on this computer... :/

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Dengeki let out a series of words that should never be printed.
"!@#$%^&*!" he gasped in fury. "I had planned to meet with their bloody commander, but..."
He gave his orders.

The tanks immediately broke off, and began firing on the enemy tanks, searching for their turrets. With two of his tanks already out of commision, Dengeki knew that the remaining 48 would still be more than sufficient to destroy three tanks, no matter how well they were camouflaged.
"Troop A, assault the main gates!"
400 troops charged to the gate, only to encounter the APC. A dozen soldiers were shot down in the resulting confusion.
One soldier motioned to three others, who were carrying a large metal container. He opened it, and withdrew an anti-vehicle weapon.
"Cover me!" he called, and swept out of cover. The APC turret turned as he began to target and aim...
He fired the weapon; it hit the APC, severely damaging its turret and setting it on fire.
The soldiers cheered momentarily, but they knew they were not done yet. Troops B and C were assaulting the main gate as well, and the three Troops meant about 1200 troops assaulting the main gates.
Snipers, meanwhile, took their positions.
"Our targets are the mortar spotters on the walls and towers," an officer said over the radio. "If you see them, don't hesitate, shoot to kill."
The air filled with shots as the snipers began shooting at the spotters.
Meanwhile the seven Nagaese helicoptors engaged the two PMC coptors in aerial combat, backed up by anti-air equipped soldiers who fired at the helicoptors with their launchers.

[i]Alillere Scientific HQ[/i]

The Nagaese soldiers had charged into the HQ, and ordered every person in the building to get down on the ground. Tanks circled the building, as did the three helicoptors. Snipers were positioned to spot for other snipers aroudn the building

The media began to stream the information outside thorughout Nagase and the world.
"The situation has exploded into violence..."
"PMC forces are confirmed to have engaged government forces..."
"The government has seized the Alillere HQ and arrested its top executives..."

[i]Yuki Misaki[/i]
Yuki gave a start as she heard her brother. Was he drinking again?
"Yuji" she said in her quiet voice. "What are you doing?"

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The main gate was holding still, without the aid of the APC, though barely. The machine gunner was almost completely out of ammo, and the 700 troops that had been assigned to defend it were down to about 570-600, best estimate. The helicopters saw the incoming Nagase helicopters and, since they knew it was over anyways, unloaded their pair of rockets. The four rockets sailed through the air, towards the targets. The rest of the soldiers were ordered to dig in as best as they could, and prepare to make a controlled retreat.

On the eastern gate, two of his tanks were out of commission already, having succumbed to enemy tank fire. As the third one attempted to retreat, it was promptly shot and destroyed, exploding in a plume of shrapnel, injuring any soldiers standing nearby, and killing six of them. The 900 troops who were guarding the eastern gate had lost about 200 of their personnel, and were ordered to make a controlled retreat, displacing themselves into the ASOR Complex's numerous buildings. This would render the tanks useless, unless they wanted to destroy the oil refinery, and would require the Nagase's to fight in a fashion similar to house-to-house fighting, in a more urban environment. "Dammit," muttered General Kazuma. He knew the battle was lost, but it was his job to continue to fight the Nagase's, to injure them as much as they could before the second part of his employer's plan went into action.

On the western gate, the mortar fire continued to hold, with the 900 troops stationed having an easy job of repelling the enemy. That was, until the sinpers opened up. The spotters went down in a hail of bullets, with the PMC snipers only able to counter snipe about ten targets, before the mortar fire became erratic and less accurate: Now, they were just blind firing over the wall, attempting to cause as much damage as possible before running out of ammo. The Machine Gunner on the western flank had used up barely any of his ammunition, up until that point. Now, he was firing down range, scoring hits left and right, attempting to stall the advance as much as possible. With a little over 50 of the PMC soldiers killed, the soldiers began to open up on the incoming Nagase forces.

[i]Yuji Misaki[/i]
He watched from his fortified bunker, the news that the Alillere Corp's main building had been captured. He was confident the rest of the soldiers that he had ordered from the PMC would defend his bunker (1500, to be exact), and that the Nagase military wouldn't find it any time soon. He realized he was still talking to his sister, having forgotten in his innebriated state. "Nothing sister; just sipping on some nice liquor. Wish I knew what it was, because it's damn good," he laughed. "Other than that, though, just paying back these Nagase fools what they deserve...They'll see soon enough what I can do," he said, hiccuping some more.

OOC: Sorry Kaede for not posting in five days. I've been without internet, and my internet still isn't hooked up, not until Tuesday.

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One helicoptor was destroyed as a barrage of rockets smashed into it, while another was damaged. However, all six remaining helicoptors unloaded a full repayment, complete with miniguns blazing and missiles flying.
At the main gates, the soldiers had taken already almost a few dozen casualties thanks to the machine gunner at the gate. One soldier, thinking quickly, dove out of cover, and fired a grenade from his launcher towards the gunner. As the smoke from the explosion cleared, the rest of the 1150 troops began moving forward steadily, firing their weapons at anything they saw moving from the smoke.
Meanwhile, the tanks had received their orders from Dengeki.
"Sir, the enemy has retreated into the complex. Shall we alert the troops to start heading into the buildings?"
"No need." Dengeki growled in response. "I don't want this turning into a room-to-room urban fight, and you are all more important than all the oil they store here." He paused. "Just blow up the place."
Immediately, the tanks began unloading their cannons at the buildings the troops had just retreated into. The buildings started to collapse from the constant barrage.
The troops at the western gate, seeing the snipers' success, charged the remaining soldiers with close quarters weaponry, engaging them in close up battle. They then attacked the soldiers who were launching mortars randomly over the wall. However, as they hit the machine gunner, massive casualties occured. By now, of the former 1000 troops that had attacked, there were now down to 900 or so. They began firing explosive weapons at the machine gunner.
[i]Yuki Misaki[/i]
She replied, "You're going to be arrested for this...and probably spend your life in prison. You'll never win a war against the military. Your refinery is lost, as is your HQ. Just surrender before they find you themselves, and probably kill you."
OOC: No problem haha

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In the end, however, though the Refinery was destroyed and the PMC in that area had been all but wiped out, Alillere got what it wanted. In the end, the entire ordeal reflected badly on the Nagaese government, and thus Kaede Asakura judged it best to have the territory revert to WEU protectorate.
OOC: Sorry for the abrupt end, but I had to end it quickly so I could start RPing Japan.

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