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Rising Power: Alillere Scientific

Kaede Alexeivich

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Yuji Misaki strode into the new Alillere Scientific Corporate HQ, a massive, ultramodern building which towered over its surroundings. The four guards--well, they appeared more like soldiers--nodded as he walked past and pushed apart the two glass doors.
Within Alillere HQ was a flurry of business and activity. Scientists, businessmen, secretaries, and government officials themselves bustled around, debated, discussed, and gave the corporate building the feeling Yuji loved about it. He gave a sigh of satisfaction--since he had gotten his corporation involved in politics by endorsing his sister, Yuki Misaki (now Director of Foreign Affairs) the benefits had been astounding.
After walking around for some time, he entered a hall which, in stark contrast with the bustling outside, was absolutely barren. There were two doors on each wall, and he walked to one of these and knocked.
"Yes?" a smooth, almost feminine voice drifted through the oak wood of the door.
"It's Yuji Misaki," he replied.
"...ah, please enter, sir."
Yuji opened the door, and entered the room. At the other end of the small room was a desk, at which there was a desk. At that desk sat a young man who, just as his voice, had an appearance which certainly was not masculine. Silk-like black hair hung down to his shoulders, and his soft eyes gazed back at Yuji's hard cold eyes.
"What can I do for you, sir..." the man's voice was once again smooth and gentle.
"I've come to collect the--those documents." Yuji tensed up after mentioning the documents. "The specs, the information, the floor plans...? I assume it is all prepared, N..."
"Ah, yes." the man called N replied, and he reached under his desk. His hand withdrew with a small folder in tow. "I have them all right here. I assure you the information is correct."
"Good, good."
"One thing I don't understand..." N said just as Yuji was preparing to turn to leave.
"Hmm?" Yuji turned back. "What is it?"
"Those soldiers out there...those are Knights, aren't they? Why do you have the government's very best right here with all this--?"
"Hm." Yuji turned again. "You will see, N. I have this all under control."

The Nagaese government and the corporate powerhouse Alillere Scientific have signed a deal that will lend Alillere Scientific 20 Knights of Nagase to be used as guards at their top-priority HQ in Monryojo. The Knights are some of Nagase's top military personnel, and there are only about 150 currently operating, demonstrating the importance the government has placed on Alillere.

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