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Treaty Cancellation

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So....this should of been posted last sunday, but since the Alliance Announcements area of the forum has hated me(wouldn't give me a Topic or Description area to type in) I couldnt post...until now.


A long time ago I gave word to TGE that we would be activating our Cancellation Clause in our MDoAP:


This Military Defense and Optional Aggression Pact is broken if any of the above clauses are not followed correctly and/or 7 days notice and an explanation as to why the agreement is to become void is submitted to the other alliance. Such notice shall give the other party ample time to present arguments as to why the cancellation should not take place, and the party seeking cancellation agrees to take their positions into consideration before the final decision for separation shall be made.[/quote]

Reasons will remain behind closed doors...or opens doors and we just wont talk. Or no doors at all.

Um...so...ya...I dont feel like posting our flag or any of that stuff...so...post...over?


Sarmatian Empire, Emperor

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Sad to see this, that TGE has lost a great ally / friend but then again, very much expected it as to the events that brought this on!!

o/ The Immortals
o/ Sarmatian :wub:

edit: left someone out :ph34r:

Edited by Karl I
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