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With the Vanguard - Legion struggles of the past predating my tenure in Legion gov, I never grew any great hatred or bias against Vanguard, and wish them luck in their new homes in MK. One can only hope that the merger will be fruitful and mutually beneficial to both parties

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Vanguard truly are great people. I am glad that I had the time to be treatied twice with them, and their support, kindness, and intelligence in the game has always earned my respect. I am sad to see them go, but glad that they are going to such good people as MK. Glad to be treatied with this new force, and I say for the last time:

o/Vanguard :D

Stay classy guys.

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RIP Vanguard. Long live the Mushroom Kingdom! As one of the founding members of Vanguard, I cannot say how much it pains me to see the alliance go, yet I cannot stress that to merge into the Mushroom Kingdom is the best solution we had come across. I would rather this fate than any other.

Know I shall fly the colors of Vanguard until the day I retire. No offense MK <_<
o/ Vanguard
o/ Mushroom Kingdom

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[quote name='Dilber' date='02 April 2010 - 11:10 PM' timestamp='1270275033' post='2246350']
For the record, Denial wasn't PZI. We knew he was Revanche, and chose not to do anything.

Good luck with the merge.
I know you knew who Revanche was. I meant Denial, as Denial. However, I don't believe you know who the rest of us are/were, nor do I believe anybody outside of us do.

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