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Message to the Tahoe Republic


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To the Government of the Tahoe Republic

Greetings fellow American neighbor,

As you well know the Confederation of Arctic Nations (CAN) is an American based organization dedicated to the security and peace of North America's Arctic region. The seven member nations in the CAN have successfully kept the peace in the region and brought about unprecedented prosperity to a normally harsh and unforgiving environment.

After discussions we have decided to contact you in the hopes that Arctic land can be managed by fellow Arctic nations.


As shown in the attached images, the Tahoe Republic controls numerous islands in the North that surround a current CAN protectorate. In all honesty the current arrangement is cumbersome and quite tedious. I'd wager the amount of men and resources the Tahoe Republic puts into guarding these distant scattered islands could be used better elsewhere. In addition, due to our close proximity to these lands the CAN would be able to more effectively manage the land and peoples, providing ample protection and aid. As such we respectfully ask whether the Tahoe Republic would be willing to hand over its Arctic islands protectorate to the CAN. Should you wish, the CAN can dispatch or host a delegation to discuss the matter at a time that is convenient for you.


The Confederation of Arctic Nations[/quote]

OOC: To the CAN, we've talked about this so I just decided to go ahead and post it. Hopefully thats ok.

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The Tahoe Republic will consider the CAN's request with one caveat. We must be admitted to the CAN as an observer member (that is, no defense obligations). If that is done, I am sure the immediate transfer of sovereignty may take place

Foreign Minister McDonnell

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"The Confederation of Arctic Nations has decided to accept the Tahoe Republic as an observer of the CAN via a majority vote. Now that Tahoe has been accepted as an observer, we would like to know if they would consider transferring their Arctic protectorates to us."

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While the grammar in the above statement that implies the Tahoe Republic is handing over its Arctic Protectorate to a totally foreign body (specifically the usage of the term 'us' in the second sentence), the Ministry of State has announced its three month staged withdrawal plan from the Arctic Protectorate, pending introduction of CAN peacekeepers.

The total population is between five and six thousand. Tahoe currently has two hundred soldiers serving as police and peacekeepers. They are fairly spread out over the entire area.

We will be maintaining five research stations owned and operated by various non-governmental civilian agencies (excluding one government weather research staion.. It will take between three weeks to a month to fully withdraw the Tahoan forces pending the reintroduction of CAN We recommmend one nation at a time command the peacekeepig frces on a rotating basis.

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