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The Dissapearence of a Prince.


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Prince Edward Dalib, first son of the King Henry Dalib paced up and down the corridors of the palace knowing full well that the Buckshorn Press were itching to get an interview with him. This interview though would determine whether or not he would receive the crown from his Father.

"Sir Edward Your father is here" said an elderly servant.
"Oh no does he know of the news?" Edward asked.
"Yes he does and he is furious and demands to see you" the elderly Servant said.

Edward Dalib a young man of 18 years old now had even more pressure upon his back, he was hoping to leave the country and out of his fathers grasp but now his father knew about the relationship. Edward knew from first hand experience that his father was a ruthless and unforgiving man. And that his father had two of his brothers killed and his wife put into Prison 13, for the rest of her life. Edward could now feel the sweat dripping down his forehead.

"Sir i suggest that you make peace with your father and stop this relationship" The Servant advised wisely.
"No that is not what i am going to do this is my life and my love, not even my father can stop my feelings for her!" Edward shouted.

Then all of a sudden Edward saw his father, marching with four bodyguards who were heavily armed. Then his father's eyes fixed upon his son's and he stormed over to Edward clenching his fists. The Bodyguards all brought out their AK-47's and aimed at Edward but all aiming for the limbs.

"I never thought i would see the day that my son would beome a Disgrace!" The King screamed.
"Father i love her-"
"You are too young to know what real love is!" the King interrupted.
"No your wrong she is the one for me!" Edward retorted.
"No Foreigner shall be accepted into my Royal Family!" The King ordered.

The King then slapped his son round the face, leaving a red hand mark. The King deep down regretted this as he never wished to lay a hand violently upon his son. But the king was excercising his authority over his son.

"Take my son away, and find that foreign girl and kill her" The King ordered.

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