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Industrialization of Nagase

Kaede Alexeivich

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Kaede Asakura revealed in a rousing speech intentions to industrialise Nagase, which until now has been mostly agricultural base, and rather low-key technology-wise.
"It's quite simple," Asakura called over the cheers of supporters. "This is a necessary step, one that we must take now. The citizens of Nagase cannot be allowed to have their country called 'third world'."
Already, reports say, aircraft and military vehicles are being produced by the Nagase-based corporation Alillere Scientific. The CEO, Yuji Misaki (brother of Director of Foreign Affairs Yuki Misaki), gave this comment on the project.
"We are already putting into production our own designs, though we may be interested in purchasing and studying others," Misaki told reporters. He added, "I won't give numbers, but I can tell you that we have already manufactured a number of tanks and aircraft, which the government now controls."
However, the move is not popular with everyone, as some commenters revealed.
"We've seen what has happened the majority of the time when nations attempt to 'Industrialise'." said one unnamed worker. "Famines, displacement, disease...I'm not overly sure Asakura is the one for this job."
The approval rate for the move, however, cinches the deal: with 89% of the nation in favour of industrialisation, Asakura indeed does appear to be the one for the job.

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