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Vauleyo-Buryatia to hold early elections

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[size="4"][b][u]BCNA News: President announces elections[/b][/u][/size]


[i]“Although not required to do so for another nine months, President Anyatevich has dissolved the People's Khural and called National Elections. The President’s decision, which was approved almost immediately by Imperator Pyotr, paves the way for Presidential and Parliamentary Elections to be held in Vauleyo-Buryatia. According to the Constitution, the Khural will be required to immediately halt work on all legislation ahead of the dissolution so that all Members of the People’s Khural may vacate their seats ahead of the election cycle. President Anyatevich, on the other hand will remain as President until the election results are in.

In the People’s Khural, the [b]Social Democratic Party[/b] of President Anyatevich already enjoys a formidable majority and significant popularity amongst the public. The [b]Social Democratic Party (SDP)[/b] has, however been plagued by what many see as an ideological split between its moderate and left wing factions, which has occasionally resulted in legislative issues. It would therefore not only be a question of if the [b]SDP[/b] can retain its majority, but also which faction will constitute a majority within the party itself. It is likely that the balance of power between the factions will indicate the primary focus of the [b]SDP[/b].

President Anyatevich enjoys an abysmal approval rating of 27% and is unlikely to stand for a third term as President. President Anyatevich is widely expected to stand aside as leader of the [b]SDP[/b] and to endorse another [b]SDP[/b] member for the Presidency. Unlike several preceding Presidencies in which the public portioned the blame almost equally between the President and his party, the polls suggest that most Vauleyo-Buryatians hold the President in a more negative regard than his political party. As a matter of fact, the latest poll numbers indicate that popular support of the [b]SDP[/b] stands at 75%, while 18% describe themselves as neutral or undecided. This fact could prove to help the [b]SDP[/b] in the next election as they seek to distance themselves from the President.

On the other side of the political spectrum, the [b]Democratic Party of Vauleyo-Buryatia (DPV)[/b] has seen a surprising comeback to the political stage after years on the sidelines. The [b]DPV[/b], led by Aleksandar Altan-enkh, is expected to return to its moderate and centrist roots to appeal to voters. The [b]DPV[/b] is the largest opposition party in the Khural and is likely to be the main competition for the governing [b]SDP[/b]. The other political parties, namely the [b]Buryatia Liberation Party (BLP)[/b] and the [b]United Nationalist Party (UNP)[/b] are viewed as being only coalition makers rather than prospective governing parties.

In the next few days, Presidential candidates will be required to register to stand for election, and parties will have to submit their MP rolls to the [b]Vauleyo-Buryatian Electoral Commission (VEC)[/b] for examination and approval. Once all of the candidates have been registered and verified, the election could take place as early as the next day.

We at the BCNA will continue to monitor the developments for what will likely be a very interesting election season.”[/i]-Reporter

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[b][u]BCNA News: President Anyatevich announces his successor[/b][/u]

[i]“Putting several rumors to rest this morning, President Anyatevich announced that he would not seek a third term in office, and would stand aside to allow another [b]SDP[/b] member to run for the Presidency. In what is likely President Anyatevich’s last speech as the head of the governing [b]Social Democratic Party (SDP)[/b], he listed several of the party’s achievements during its tenure and vowed to ensure that the party will continue along the path to [b]Democracy, Socialism and true national unity[/b]. In his speech, the President praised the [b]SDP[/b]’s handling of the economy and voiced vocal support for the efforts of the Finance Minister in that regard.

Putting all of the speculation to rest, President Anyatevich announced that he was backing the Finance Minister Dmitri Andropov to be the [b]SDP[/b]’s candidate and possibly the next President of Vauleyo-Buryatia. Dmitri Andropov whose specialty is Finance and Economic Management, is said to be a member of the far left faction of the [b]Social Democratic Party (SDP)[/b]. He favors a more direct role for the state in economic matters and widely objects to the introduction of [b]‘free market capitalism’[/b] and [b]‘external democratic values’[/b]. Andropov’s crowning achievement during his tenure as Finance Minister was to prevent significant declines in GDP over the course of the last economic crisis. As the economy rebounded growth targets were steadily increased from 8% to 10%.

Andropov is likely to continue to implement several of the financial policies started during his tenure as Finance Minister, in the event that he wins the Presidency. It is expected that he will unveil a detailed manifesto citing the political and financial aims of the [b]SDP[/b] for the next election and beyond.

On the political side of the equation, Andropov is thought to favor a complete elimination of diplomatic engagement with Europe and Africa as well as an increased military presence in Novaya Zemlya. Andropov famously disagreed with President Anyatevich over the signing of the [b]Darwin Accords[/b] with Slavorussia, suggesting that Article 4, regarding the deployment of nuclear weapons to Novaya Zemlya was a violation of Vauleyo-Buryatia’s sovereignty and should have never been signed.

With President Anyatevich officially standing aside, the Executive Committee of the [b]Social Democratic Party (SDP)[/b] will now vote to determine if Dmitri Andropov will be their chosen candidate for the next Presidential Elections.”[/i]-Reporter

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[b][u]BCNA: Former President declares candidacy[/b][/u]

-Former President Rokossovska

[i]“As the election campaign cycle kicks into gear, a surprising new entry may reshape the political landscape ahead of the crucial Presidential elections. The founding President of Vauleyo-Buryatia, who was widely credited with the creation of the Union Treaty and the drafting of the Constitution, Katerina Rokossovska has now decided to throw her hat into the ring once more. The former President announced her intention to represent the [b]Vauleyo-Buryatian Democratic Party[/b] in the upcoming elections. This move, which was enthusiastically backed by the Democratic Party’s Executive Committee, clears the way for her to replace the incumbent [b]VDP[/b] leader Aleksandar Altan-enkh just in time to begin campaigning.

Less than ten minutes after announcing her candidacy, former President Rokossovska declared that she would appoint Mr. Altan-enkh to the post of Deputy President without delay, if she is given the necessary mandate to lead the nation. When asked why she decided to come out of retirement, Mrs. Rokossovska replied that she felt that it was her [b]‘patriotic duty’[/b] to seek to represent the people of the nation at a time when [b]‘it has become clear that the government’s policies, while well intentioned, apportion the benefit disproportionately’[/b] and [b]‘leave many citizens out of the reach of these benefits’[/b]. Mrs. Rokossovska also declared that [b]‘government transparency and accountability’[/b] were lacking as key components of the [b]SDP[/b] government’s platform.

Coinciding with the [b]VDP[/b]’s decision to endorse Mrs. Rokossovska, the [b]VDP[/b] also released its campaign manifesto, outlining several reforms to the fiscal and economic policy of the government. The proposed [b]VDP[/b] list includes a dramatic shift to a centrist-liberal economic and trade policy and a reduction in the size of state owned entities. The campaign manifesto also outlined a liberalization of political policy regarding Europe and a policy of positive engagement with nations outside of the Asian region. These policy aims are in sharp contrast to the incumbent [b]SDP[/b], who advocate a more detached form of diplomacy when dealing with nations outside of the Asian and Oceanic regions, and who favor a hybrid of a market and a command economy.

On the other side, the Executive Committee of the [b]Social Democratic Party (SDP)[/b] has voted to confirm Dmitri Andropov as the [b]SDP[/b]’s candidate for President. Mr. Andropov accepted the nomination and vowed to do his utmost to secure both a legislative and executive control for the Social Democratic Party. The [b]SDP[/b], while not seeking to attack Mrs. Rokossovska, has criticized her return as indicative of the [b]‘desperation of the Vauleyo-Buryatian Democratic Party to return to power’[/b]. The party again highlighted the economic development under its tenure and vowed to continue the rapid economic growth if re-elected.

With a clear and experienced leader at the helm of the [b]Vauleyo-Buryatian Democratic Party[/b], buoyed by her stature as the founding President of the nation, and the architect of the Union Treaty, the polls are beginning to show a sudden decline in the huge lead previously enjoyed by the incumbents.

According to the official poll from the [b]Statistical Institute of Vauleyo-Buryatia[/b], the [b]SDP[/b]’s lead has dipped from 75% to 62%, as the support for the [b]Vauleyo-Buryatian Democratic Party (VDP)[/b] has surged upwards. If the [b]VDP[/b] can continuously chip away at support for the [b]SDP[/b], then it is predicted that support for the [b]SDP[/b] could trend as low as 51%, a stark decline from previous numbers. Both sides are expected to kick off what will be a vigorous campaign season heading into the next election cycle.

As always, BCNA is your station for the latest election news, and polls.”[/i]-Reporter

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[b][u]BCNA News: Election campaigning begins[/b][/u]

[i]“As the election draws ever closer, all political parties are beginning their efforts to increase their support among voters. Campaign activities, including several town hall meetings are being held across the nation as parties vie for votes before the upcoming legislative and presidential elections to be held in the next few days.

The [b]Social Democratic Party (SDP)[/b] and its new leader Dmitri Andropov kicked off their campaign in Sygh-Varthys with a large rally of supporters in Revolution Square. Mr. Andropov vowed to tackle several critical issues, and to continue the economic policy of the [b]SDP[/b] while criticizing what he termed the [b]‘poorly planned’[/b] policy articulated by the opposition parties. Ms. Katerina Rokossovska kicked off her campaign in Yakutsk with a similarly large rally in which she bolstered her party’s manifesto and vowed to emerge victorious in the Presidential elections. The Former President was also heavily critical of several of the political initiatives started by the incumbent [b]SDP[/b] and vowed to review them. Other than suggesting a more open and [b]‘free market’[/b] economy, Ms. Rokossovska stayed away from any pointed criticism of the government’s handling of Vauleyo-Buryatia’s economy.

Other candidates held similar rallies; however none of these were as large as those held by the [b]SDP[/b] and [b]VDP[/b] candidates. A new poll released by the Statistical Institute has shown the [b]Vauleyo-Buryatian Democratic Party[/b] gaining some crucial ground against the [b]Social Democratic Party[/b]. The [b]SDP[/b] lead has slid further, to 55% against the [b]VDP[/b]’s 42% with 3% polled as undecided. If the trend continues, then the election may hinge upon the undecided voters, and may require the formation of a coalition.

In what is viewed as a campaign strategy, President Anyatevich has not campaigned for the new [b]SDP[/b] candidate, but has offered his wholehearted endorsement to Mr. Andropov. Given the President's low approval ratings, it is possible that the [b]SDP[/b] is seeking to further distance itself from the President ahead of the polls.”[/i]-Reporter

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