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Octava Orden Announcement(s)

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¡Hola Señoras y Señors!

Over the past four months we've had a few changes. We've had new forums, new allies, and new members. There is a few things I would like to address in this post, first is our new forums.

Since our forums keep on getting deleted by the Root Admin, one of our very own members has created a website for Octava Orden. Please take a few moments and register on them. Stop by for an embassy or if you already have one, a mask. We have areas where you can chat with Octava Orden members. The forums are located at the following URL.


We've noticed a few loopholes in our charter over the past four months, all of which we hope have been fixed with this amendment. For the reader's convenience, I will post a link instead of the full charter. To view the charter, please click the link below.


We've had a few government changes, here is the current government of Octava Orden in order of command as of 4/1/10.

Ezequiel, Emperador
Liltrekkie, Imperial Regente

Thelittlejd, Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores
Riser, Ministro de Asuntos Internos
Alexei Borodin, Ministro de Alistar

Ezequiel, Emperador de Octava Orden


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