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Nagaese Actions

Kaede Alexeivich

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With the election of Kaede Asakura as premier of Nagase, the new nation is now pursuing diplomatic treaties, economic, defensive, and military, with any Western European nation.
In his first military action, Asakura has organized the Nagaese Military into divisions. Currently, there are 2,700 full-time soldiers in the Nagaese military, with 540 soldiers in each of five divisions. Another 150 soldiers are committed to the newly formed "Knight Brigade" who are tasked with the defense of government officials and Asakura himself. The Knights Brigade also act as a Special Forces unit.
The government of Nagase has been solidified in its current form. Kaede Asakura has the ultimate word in the government as the premier, while four Directors, of Foreign Affairs; Internal Affairs; Finances and Resources; and Military, will aid him in managing the nation. There is also a Cabinet of fifty representatives of each of the five provinces, including the capital province of Monryojo. The Cabinet has the ability to vote on decisions made by Asakura and his Directors. Four of these representatives, one to each province, is the governor of their province (Asakura is considered the governor of Monryojo)
Across the borders of the nation, small, primitive radar systems are being installed. The range of these systems is about 200 km (~125 miles). The installation is expected to be completed within the month (OOC: I assume that the RP time is faster than RL time, so a few RL days)
OOC: Feel free to comment or ask about any of these IC

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