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Elections in Nagase

Kaede Alexeivich

Electing the Premier of Nagase  

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The time has come for the premier of the newly-independent nation of Nagase to be elected.
There are four parties that have formed, which will be represented in the elections with their respective candidates. Information on the candidates and their parties follows.
Kaede Asakura--United Europe Party (UEP)
Kaede Asakura is a recent addition to politics, and one of the youngest politicians at 22 years old. He is described as calm and cool-headed, qualities which attract followers for him. His party, the UEP, advocates a united and peaceful Europe, a powerful government involved in many aspects of the nation, a strongly involved military, and a government controlled economy.
Yuki Misaki--Nationalist Party of Nagase (NPN)
Yuki Misaki is also just beginning her career in politics, and has made several achievements already. Her followers believe her sensibility and logical outlook will do good for the new nation. Her party, the NPN, advocates a strongly centralized government, an isolationist stance on war and other hostile matters, and a socialist economy.
Kiriyami Dera--Democratic Party of Nagase (DPN)
Kiriyami Dera is an experienced politician, and his experience is what garners his followers. His party, the DPN, advocates a democracy of the people, a capitalist economy, and freedom of press and speech.
Sasaki Dengeki--Military Front of Nagase (MFN)
Sasaki Dengeki is a rising military officer whose experience in military matters has gotten him several high-ranking followers. His party, the MFN, advocates a powerful and involved military, a greatly involved foreign policy (military wise), and heavy emphasis on a small but powerful government.

Voting is due to begin soon.

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[b]Update-Election Status[/b]
The elections have been going on for a few days now, and the results as of this point are as follows:
Kaede Asakura: 29%
Yuki Misaki: 32%
Kiriyami Dera: 20%
Sasaki Dengeki: 19%

In an unexpected turn of events, Yuki Misaki and her Nationalist Party appear to be in the lead, whereas experts had expected Asakura to be leading, with Misaki very close behind--it seems that it has been completely switched. However, it is not too late for Asakura to take the lead, as voters continue to cast their vote. As for Dera and Dengeki, experts have voiced doubt that either will be able to wrench the lead from Misaki.
"It seems clear to me that Misaki simply has a better plan for the country," says political analyst Kanazawa Michiru. "Her stance will bring prosperity to Nagase, which is what our fledgling nation needs most right now."
Several other experts have disagreed, however.
"Asakura is able to look beyond the nation and at the whole of Europe," counters expert Kuroe Yuji. "He has ideas for all of Europe, historically a war-broiled continent. If prosperity is desired for Nagase, we have to work at achieving prosperity for all of Europe, not just ourselves."
Indeed, Asakura seemed to reaffirm this point in an election speech given to thousands of supporters in the capital.
"If we want to improve our nation, we must work with others to improve Europe," he called as supporters roared with approval. "As has been proven many times in history, a country cannot prosper if around its borders is war and poverty."

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In such a short time, the expected turnout of the elections has changed drastically.
With another wave of votes in, numbers have risen unexpectedly.
The percentages stand now at this:
Kaede Asakura: 30%
Yuki Misaki: 30%
Kiriyami Dera: 24%
Sasaki Dengeki: 16%
Asakura and Misaki are now tied for the lead, while Dera has garnered more votes for himself. Dengeki, on the other hand, has had no increase in votes--in fact, a decrease.
The tie between Asakura and Misaki is heavily debated by experts, but the general agreement is that both are capable and qualified.
Voting is reaching its end, as the last of Nagase's small population prepares to cast its vote. This is a tense moment already in the young nation's fledgling politics. The entire nation is on edge to hear who will be the person to lead Nagase onto the world stage.

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[b]Elections are over![/b]
The elections have ended after a very strange process. In the end, promises of a prosperous Europe and a quickly-developing Nagase seem to have won Kaede Asakura and his United Europe Party the victory. The end result was as follows:
Asakura: 31%
Misaki: 30%
Dera: 20%
Dengeki: 19%
Asakura barely defeated Misaki, who in a surprising move will remain as Director of Foreign Affairs and Holdings.
"Thank you all for your support throughout this," Asakura said in an inauguration speech before innumerable cheering citizens. "Together we will bring Nagase to the world stage, and do our part to create a prosperous and united Europe."
Asakura's first moves as premier have yet to be seen.
"Whatever the people of Nagase decide is what I will do my best to support," runner-up Yuki Misaki commented. "Even if it goes against my personal desires, if it is the wish of my people, I will support Asakura and his plans with all my heart."
Third placer Kuriyami Dera and Sasaki Dengeki refused to comment.

OOC: Sorry if I ended this early, but I wanted to get it over with so I could start getting involved in world politics.

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[quote name='Karl Martin' date='01 April 2010 - 07:38 PM' timestamp='1270172321' post='2244690']
OOC: What is it with this Japanese fetish? It was bad enough the player who used to be France had three separate half-Japanese characters.
OOC: It's his people, and he can do whatever he wants with them, though I was wondering pretty much the same thing :P
It's not the most unusual, though. I remember someone had a whole nation of Vikings in Southeast Asia, or something like that xD

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