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Forum Hackings, Beer Reviews, Awards and more

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[center][size="7"][u][b]MCXA Forums Hacked[/b][/u][/size][/center]
By SuperCoolYellow

Those who go to our forums at ...


... will notice that MCXA forums don't appear as they normally do. Apparently the hacker who hit our forums was awfully intent on painting us NPO puppets. Which some one should let them in on the news, for every negative thing we've done since before February of 2009, we just blame it on on TSO. ;) We still take credit for all the good stuff though.

Needless to say that MCXA gov is working around the clock to get the forums back up, so all should be good soon. We'll let you all know when things get back to running.

[center][size="7"][b][u]Wells Banana Beer[/u][/b][/size][/center]
By MCP13

Well... I've just tried Wells Banana Beer. When I first tried it I was thinking, "hmm this is just a normal beer...where's the...OH MY GOD!" The banana taste was subtle at first but definitely there;having tried other fruited beers before (cherry and strawberry.) I would say this is definitely the best I've had so far. This is perhaps because it is an unexpected combination,unlike strawberries and cherries which have a noted presence in the cider market. It might also be becaue I like bananas...who knows. There is a malty after taste which the drink could definitely do without but this shouldn't distract from its smooth and light texture which makes this beer very easy to relax with. 8/10

[u][b][size="7"][center]Veterans and Benefactors Celebrated[/center][/size][/b][/u]
By AndrewHG

The following MCXA members are recognized for their sacrifice and service to the family known as MCXA

Diclotician recognised as major benefactor to the alliance.
Mileious recognised as major benefactor to the alliance.

Steph promoted to Deputy Minister of the Interior.
Obladiah Hendrix promoted to Deputy Minister of Defence.

The following members are now confirmed veterans and will be recognised as such.

Emperor Tiberius
Mara Lithaen
Kingdom of Salguod
Straw-Hat Luffy
Jakevy Jacob XXVI
Dr. Fresh
model B
Marcus Guildenstern
Louis IX
The God
Dr Zorrobab
Ryan Topia
The Lost Tribe
Andy Rooney
General Havoc
Daniel Elmander
Blind Cyclops
President Lopan
Nick Bond
Alpha and Omega
Karen the Suspicious
Snowy River
Sati Sorensson
Bobo the Monkey

[size="7"][center][u][b]MCXA Begins New Recruiting And Activity Program[/b][/u][/center][/size]
By MCP13


Recruitment is an essential process for every alliance in order to those who lose themselves to inactivity,to bring in new blood and new ideas into the alliance structures and for those alliances chasing sanction in order that they can stay above 200 and push the strength hence score of the alliance higher than those around it in the rankings.

In MCXA,up until recently we have relied on promoting why a nation should be in an alliance and the alliance's strengths,in order to try encourage non aligned members to come along and join us.Unfortunately the problem with this strategy is that there is no incentive for a new member to get involved with the alliance and it relies on them wanting to be involved and get to know their peers.This problem was recognised by SuperCoolYellow, who(in a slight diversion from his Foreign Affair duties) devised a fantastic plan with which to encourage people to join MCXA and get involved with the alliance, with the help of Bobo The Monkey, and Bryn1030. In essence this plan involved offering financial incentives to those who manage to reach achievable pre-set activity based goals (e.g. 25 forum posts or getting on IRC for the first time). MCXA members have generously given to the new program to the point funding is of no issue at all.

Some might argue that if a member needs to paid to enter an alliance are they really the sort of person you want in there, because what happens when they fulfill all the goals? Well this is where I believe MCXA's greatest strength comes into play:its community.In MCXA there is a close knit group of people,who are a heck of a lot closer than they have been at certain times in its year and a bit and I think a new member can sense what sort of people they have joined by what is being posted,our forums are pretty much dramaless(touch wood) and in the MCXA members IRC channel we can all relax and have a laugh.We might be paying members to join,but if the result is that they come in,like what they see and hear and read and then decide to stay and then contribute to building the alliance then it will be a few million well spent.

If you're wondering whether people are taking the bait and joining...well keep watching the member numbers,in the past week alone we've grown MCXA membership by 10%!

[u][b][center][size="7"]March Player and Alliance Awards[/size][/center][/b][/u]

[b]Player of the Month:[/b]


A bunch of names were discussed for the player of March. Bob Janova, has earned our respect for breaking outside of the rule of looking at some one's alliance affiliation and being able to know which side of the argument they will land on. Then again, Ivan Moldavi's has really big shoes for his successor to fill, so Lintwad could have been a great choice for becoming emperor of the New Sith Order. NSO is a quality alliance, but they're not nearly as big as IRON, and we could be giving this award to Peron for taking over the healm of IRON. But there is one person, who is taking charge of an alliance of over 300 members, and following in the footsteps of Ivan Moldavi. At the beginning of March Almighty Grub stepped down from NpO, and was succeeded by Arctic Penguin. People were a little distracted at the time and didn't give Penguin the congratz he deserves and now I would live give it to him. Congratulations to Artic Penguin for being the Player of the month, and the emperor of the New Polar Order.

[b]Alliance of the Month:[/b]


One alliance stuck out in my mind that really impressed this month. I didn't like their decision on how they entered the war, and granted they have fallen from the top spot of the sanction race, but I am in awe of their ability to fight even while heavily outnumbered. TOP has shown us the massive damage that can be done with their insane war chests. Congratz to The Order of the Paradox to being the alliance of the month, and here's to hoping I never have to fight you in war.

* I am always looking for suggestions for alliance and player of the month. If you would like to suggest some on please send me PM with good reasons as to why your suggestions deserves the reward.


Edited by supercoolyellow
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In next months MCX-Aminer we may have a *selection* of alcoholic beverage reviews for your reading pleasure, keep an eye out :D
I gotta admit SCY, Banana Bread Beer sounds foul, but I'm open-minded. I'll have a scout about the supermarkets for it (or something similar, I'm guessing it's a US brand?). Excellent work on the paper mate!

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[quote name='supercoolyellow' date='01 April 2010 - 01:25 AM' timestamp='1270099499' post='2243278']
for every negative thing we've done since before February of 2009, we just blame it on on TSO. ;) We still take credit for all the good stuff though.

Seems like a popular strategy.

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[quote name='supercoolyellow' date='01 April 2010 - 12:05 PM' timestamp='1270141485' post='2243949']
Its all in good fun though. I've been new enough on the scene that I can just blame Gopher and Fresh :P[/quote]

We'll see how long that nonsense continues. :P

Also, another nice MC-XAminer. This banana beer interests me.

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" Which some one should let them in on the news, for every negative thing we've done since before February of 2009, we just blame it on on TSO."

This is disturbingly accurate. And frighteningly widespread.

<3 as always to my friends in the MCXA, I miss the old times we had.
I wish... You can probably fill in the rest.

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