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German Unification Referendum

Kaiser Martens

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Finally the Referendum would be held. All North German Adult Citizens, even those abroad through embassies, would be able to cast their vote on this, and, unusually for a German Poll, voting in this one was in fact mandatory due to the nature of it.

Prior to this, publically different options for the unification were discussed. In the end, the poll was built so to clearly show two different possible Germanies. Notably, Kanzler Martens did not speak regarding his personal preference, because he preferred not to influence the outcome of the polls.

[b]Option A: Unification[/b]

Unified Germany would be led by a triumvirate. One representative for Northern Germany, one representative for Southern Germany, and a third one ellected by the whole country democratically. The official name of the country would be, to prevent ideological differences and conflict, simply Germany (Deutschland) and the official government form a Meritocracy. The flag would be the Northern German Flag (black-white-red) with the Southern German Flag's insignia onto it, achieving a very satisfying look. Military command would be unified and the common insignia would be the Iron Cross. FA would also be unified, and treaties from both nations would carry over. The economies would also unite, however, internally, both countries would mantain autonomy. In Internal Affairs, both countries would remain completely autonomous and sovereign, which is why many say that this resembles Austria-Hungary: One country, yet at the same time two.

[b]Option B: Mantaining the current situation[/b]

The alternative is to simply remain as both countries are: Different, yet allied. This could be seen during the Northern German Crisis in which the Southern Germans had an active role in mantaining order, but also implies the continuation of good relations and non-aggression.

[u]Arguments in favor of Unification:[/u]
Germany would become extremely powerful, and this strength alone would be enough to deterr any foreign forces from ever trying to disturb it - long term stability.
The semi-autonomous system serves to protect the interests of both current countries and their people, having the good things of being one country without the negative aspects of outright full integration.
The powerhouse southern economy and high technology would help the north's current growth increase even further.
What many citizens view as an arbitrary division between the German Nation would be gone, causing all citizens to be happier.
Health and education improvements would reach Northern Germany.
Both societies would be able to get over their differences.

[u]Arguments against Unification:[/u]
Northern Germany would be subject to mandatorily receiving the Southern German Government Control Bracelets.
Southern Germany's economy may, rather than benefit from northern germany's addition, be in fact hurt by the effort to bring the northern state to their same level, as seen in the ancient east-west germany.
North and South, even if of the same nationality, have got important differences. The North has a large amount of Pagans which do not exist in the south, and in fact, in the south, the Odal Rune - common in Northern Germany - is seen as a Visarist Symbol.
Because of the strength of Southern Germany, in reality, some argue that Northern Germany would only be equal to Southern Germany when united in paper, while in practice its influence would be far inferior, as if a puppet.
Northern Germans speak Nordlandic and Plattdeutsch, and unlike the Southerners, only use High German in academic context - schools, certain business and universities. The Southern Germans know, but do not want to use (And in fact don't normally use at all) Nordlandic, viewing it also as Visarist.
Northern Germany would become allied to Lübeck, a state which currently is allied to Southern Germany and has Anti German and Anti Nordlandic long standing legislation, hostility and discrimination. Some say that this means that Southern Germany in fact endorses and agrees with this. Many view this as a quasi annexation, and complain that the "Meritocracy" is in fact another label for the Southern Communism.

[i]The Result[/i]

In Favor of Unity:
Ja: 16%
Nein: [b]82%[/b]
Did not vote: 2%

The vast majority of those who decided against joining Southern Germany claimed a variety and combination of the cited disadvantages, although they also express their regret regarding the situation. They say that while it would ultimately be best to see Germany united, the terms are simply a puppetization of the north and an attack on their culture. In the following week, peaceful demonstrations happened: They claimed that Southern Germany should cease to be allied to the Anti-German state Lübeck, and that otherwise by continuing to do so, whether if southern germany was allied and friendly to northern germany at all was in question.

"You can't be friends with Odin and Loki at the same time. You cannot pretend to bring a myriad of good things to Germany while at the same time supporting anti-german discrimination. This comes to show that in reality they only do care about seizing our territory and erradicating Nordlandic Culture, as well as imposing their totalitarianist-yet-democratic form of Government. Pretending to be free, voting in who we want for office, but then being monitored by the Government all the time. We're not going to have bracelets on us like cattle. We'd rather control only one city and still be true to our Culture and Beliefs than to sacrifice our very identity just for the sake of high technology. In reality, Rational Communism has little merit for achieving this: The truth is that Bavaria, Austria and then Southern Germany have always been stronger than us because that is the territory in which the Greater Nordlandic resources and industry had always been located: The core heartland. They are visarists themselves and I'll be damned if I let 'em rule my country. If we joined, in less than a year, we'd be a puppet and later it'd be revoked altogether. We may be poor compared to 'em, we may not have flying cars, but those items won't tempt us into spitting on our own culture and capitulating our country. Long live true Meritocracy!" - Said a spokesman at the demonstration. The military and police watched the demonstration, but it eventually dissipated without conflict. This was also in the context of Easter - yet in Northern Germany, a pagan version called [i]Östra[/i] was celebrated instead.

The German Government has only commented that it was healthy for the people to get to vent and express their feelings, but that they would not consider altering the German-Germany alliance because of this, as this would alienate the German state from it's true objective: Peace and cooperation, which cannot be achieved through hostility.

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"The people of our northern neighbour have spoken.
We respect their decision, and indeed encourage them to keep thinking independently. It is for the good of all.

Our relations will only be improved by this vote, and whatever follows it."

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