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Joint New Polar Order/Ragnarok Announcement

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Earlier this year, we at Ragnarok cancelled our Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact with the New Polar Order due to their declaration of war on our allies in \m/ and then later the Global Order of Darkness. It was a sad day for us as we had come a long way to become allies in the first place. We overcame more than a year of mutual dislike and distrust and against all odds, developed a bond that neither of us thought we'd ever have.

Since the day we cancelled, Polar has been in near constant contact with us to try and work past what happened. There was a lot shouting and much foul language was used, but we never closed our mutual government channel and vowed to at least remain good friends and hoped to one day re-sign our MDoAP.

That day has arrived. I am pleased to announce that after much discussion and with positive input from our allies in \m/, tonight the New Polar Order and Ragnarok have decided to re-activate our Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact.

[quote][b][size="4"]The Undiscovered Country Pact[/size][/b]

[b]Article I. Preamble[/b]

Ragnarok and the New Polar Order have come together out of a mutual friendship and respect making a commitment to the future. No longer shackled by the suspicions or the bitterness of the past, journeying together to all the undiscovered countries that lay ahead of us. We make our friendship official with the following articles.

[b]Article II: Sovereignty[/b]

Both alliances agree not to infringe on each other's rights as separate and sovereign alliances.

[b]Article III. Nonaggression and Intelligence Sharing[/b]

A. The past is the past and shall remain there. The signatories agree to remain cordial and respectful towards each other at all times. Should any issues arise, both signatories agree to attempt to resolve them in private.

B. The signatories shall neither engage in nor condone espionage against the other. Intelligence concerning either of the signatories shall be shared as appropriate.

[b]Article IV. Defense and Warfare[/b]

A. An attack on one of these signatories is an attack on the other. In the event of a defensive war, each signatory is expected to come to the immediate defense of the other militarily, financially, and diplomatically.

B. In the event of an offensive war by either signatory, assistance may be requested. While encouraged to do so, this assistance is given at the signatories discretion. Refusal of assistance in this case is not considered grounds for cancellation of this pact.

[b]Article V. Amendment and Cancellation[/b]

The terms of this treaty may be amended by future written agreement. In the event that either signatory wishes to cancel this treaty, notice must be given at least 48 hours in advance. Before such a decision is reached, the signatories agree to make every attempt to resolve any issues that may lead to such a possible decision.

[b]Signed for the New Polar Order[/b]

Emperor Penguin of the New Polar Order, Bird of Flight, Imperial Fish Taste-Tester Emeritus, Tailor of Seal Coats, Waddler of the Arctic Skies, Theoretical Ichthyologist, Also responds to Punguin.

Dajobo, Imperial Regent
Zbaldwin, Imperial Conciliator
Jphillips, Minister of Truth
Grumpdogg, Minister of Peace
Goalintos, Minister of Plenty
GEWilliam, Minister of Love
Carfre Impor, Deputy Minister of Truth
Cookavich, Deputy Minister of Plenty
Polonius, Deputy Minister of Peace
Zorn1, Deputy Minister of Love
Marty McFly, Foreign Affairs Officer
William Blake, Foreign Affairs Officer
Lestat, Council Adviser

[b]Signed for Ragnarok[/b]

VanHoo III


Vice Regent

High Chancellor

Vice Chancellor


Thank you.

Van Hoo III

Emperor of Ragnarok

Edited by Van Hoo III
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I missed you RoK folks... well as much as one can miss someone who's in our public channel all the time. Let's not cancel this one!

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