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North Atlantic Defense Coaltion

Azure Mantle1

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The NADC is a powerful sanctioned alliance on Blue Team.











1) Register on the official forums with your CN name.

2) Read the "Applying for Membership" topic, it'll tell you everything you need to know.

3) Post your application in the Membership Application forum using the proper format.

4) Now just sit back and wait for an official to accept you!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!



I. Preamble

This document is hereby created to protect the rights and freedoms of the sovereign nations of the North Atlantic Defense Coalition. These member nations agree that an armed attack against one or more of them shall be considered an attack against them all. Consequently they agree that, if such an armed attack occurs, each of them, in exercise of the right of individual or collective self-defense, will assist the member or members so attacked by taking whatever action as is deemed necessary, including the use of armed force, to restore and maintain the security of the North Atlantic area.

II. Admission & Expulsion

Any nation, given that they are not currently at war with any alliance that is either neutral or friendly to the NADC or involved in any sort of transgression with the allies of the NADC, may join the Coalition. All applying member nations must sign this Charter, thus committing to uphold and protect the ideals it represents.

A member nation may be expelled from the NADC if that nation commits an action that violates or severely offends the principles of the Charter. The Secretary General may expel any member for said offenses on his or her own authority, although if the reasons behind such an action are found to be insufficient, it is considered justifiable grounds for the Senate to call a veto and bring the issue before the Assembly.

III. Political Structure

___IIIa. Ruling Bodies

The NADC consists of the following bodies of general authority:

A Secretary General (SECGEN), responsible for the NADC's public relations, general alliance management, maintaining all things pertaining to the workings of the Assembly, and the protection of its interests abroad. The SECGEN has the power to grant all other governmental positions as required with the exception of department-specific deputies. All other officials are to report to the SECGEN. All powers not expressively given by this charter to any other position or body are given to the SECGEN to be used for the benefit of the membership.

A Deputy to the Secretary General, who serves as his right-hand man, and is the highest authority in the NADC apart from the SECGEN himself. As a Deputy, the position is optional. If the Secretary General wishes to appoint a Deputy, he or she shall present his or her choice to the Assembly as a standard 48-hour proposal vote. The Deputy assists the SECGEN in his duties as needed. Aside from delegating the SECGEN's workload, the primary function of the Deputy is to take command during the SECGEN's absence, in which case the Deputy will keep the NADC in a functional state until the SECGEN returns. After 7 consecutive days of absence (or by request of the SECGEN himself), the Deputy will assume all of the SECGEN's powers.

The Assembly, consisting of all Coalition members. The Assembly is the primary legislative body within the NADC (the second being the Senate) and it must approve all treaties, Charter amendments, legislative proposals, and Law amendments. The Assembly can alter the NADC Charter with a vote of at least 80% in favor. The Assembly may also hold a vote of no confidence on any minister, which must receive a 2/3-majority vote in order to pass. The affected minister must immediately step down and the Secretary General must appoint a replacement. Any new legislation must be approved by at least a Simple Majority (greater than 50%). No new Law may override the rules and boundaries of the NADC Charter.

The Senate, consisting of 6 elected individuals. The Senate acts as a floodgate for the Assembly to ensure that faulty proposals aren't rushed into law. Typically, the Internal Affairs Minister is the Chairperson of the Senate (thus becoming the 7th member) unless he or she wishes to outsource it. The Chairperson's sole function is to keep the Senate functioning and holds no additional power. If a Senator resigns, he or she will be immediately replaced with the next runner-up in the last Senate election. The Assembly can hold a vote of no-confidence on any replacement Senator, which must receive a 2/3 majority in order to pass. The Senate participates in dual-house votes which take place in the Assembly at the same time. If the Senate votes down such a proposal, it is sent back to the Assembly. If the Assembly approves it again, the proposal is passed into law regardless of the Senate. The Senate has the power to call vetos against decisions made by the Secretary General, after which the matter will proceed to the Assembly for a final vote. To enact a veto, there must be a minimum of 2/3rds support within the Senate.

The Arbitrational Court, consisting of the elected Senate body as Jurors, two appointed Arbitrators, and one appointed Chief Arbitrator. The Court is a mediating body that helps to solve disputes between the membership and the NADC Government. The Jury is ultimately responsible for delivering a verdict on whether the NADC Government is in the wrong or in the right of the accused act. The Chief Arbitrator then delivers the consequences of that verdict. The Arbitrators are closely involved with the judiciary process. They will also be assisting in the management and monitoring of correctly setting up and enforcing the administrative process of managing the Court.

___IIIb. Management Bodies

The NADC consists of the following bodies of specific authority:

An Internal Affairs Department, managed by the Internal Affairs Minister (IAM) who is responsible for overseeing the general administration of the alliance. The IAM cooperates closely with the Secretary General regarding inter-alliance management. The IAM will have more responsibilities than powers, and those responsibilities will be outlined and updated by the Secretary General. The IAM also has the option to appoint a Deputy Internal Affairs Minister (DIAM) who would function under his or her authority in his or her absence, or when immediate action is required and the minister is not present. Any other action can only be taken with direct permission from the IAM.

A Foreign Affairs Department, managed by the Foreign Affairs Minister (FAM) who is responsible for overseeing the general running of the ambassadors and embassies as well as general foreign relations. He or she has the power to appoint new ambassadors (although the Secretary General may overrule these) as well as to remove others from power. He or she also has the option to appoint a Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister (DFAM) who would function under the authority of the FAM in his or her absence, or when immediate action is required and the minister is not present. Any other action can only be taken with direct permission from the FAM.

The Press Secretary (PressSec) is the official spokesperson to the international community on behalf of the NADC. This title is given by the Secretary General to either the Foreign Affairs Minister or his or her Deputy. The SECGEN may grant the title to another if he wishes to outsource the position. The purpose of the PressSec is to ensure consistency and clarity in official communications. The PressSec may issue press releases on behalf of the NADC by the request or approval of the SECGEN; however, he or she does not have the power to make independent statements on policies or positions of the alliance beyond those officially stated in the NADC Charter, its supporting documents, or Assembly votes. The SECGEN shall approve all statements of policy not already covered in said documents prior to release by the PressSec.

A Defense Department, managed by the Military Operations Commander (MOC) who is responsible for the coordination of retaliatory attacks against aggressor nations/alliances or of preemptive strikes against potential threats to the security of the NADC and its members. He or she also has the option to appoint a Deputy Military Commander (DMC) who would function under the authority of the MOC in his or her absence, or when immediate action is required and the MOC is not present. Any other action can only be taken with direct permission from the MOC.

A Financial Department, managed by the Finance Minister (FM) who is responsible for all trade, aid, and other finance related issues. This includes providing trade partners and aid to new alliance members in need, giving advice concerning resources, and managing the distribution of NADC funds to member nations who request them in times of peace and war. He or she also has the option to appoint a Deputy Finance Minister (DFM) who would function under the authority of the FM in his or her absence, or when immediate action is required and the minister is not present. Any other action can only be taken with direct permission from the FM.

The Finance Minister automatically serves as the Bank President unless the minister chooses to outsource this position to a different member by means of appointment (if this is the case, the Assembly may call a vote of no-confidence on the nominee and remove him from power by a 2/3 majority vote). The Bank President organizes and maintains the NADC Federal Bank system. The Bank President manages member applications to the Federal Bank, the appointment and dismissal of Bankers (member nations who function as banks to be aided by several bank members, and whose nominations may be vetoed by a unanimous decision by the other NADC officials), and the distribution of bank funds to Bank members.

IV. Elections

Elections will be held for the position of Secretary General, for the Senate, and for the Arbitrational Court every 3 months with no maximum term limits for the SECGEN. The Secretary General is the only official with the authority to start the election process. The nomination period and the election itself will last 5 days each. SECGEN candidates require a simple majority (greater than 50%) in order to be elected. If no candidate acheives this majority, a 4-day runoff election will be held between the top 2 candidates.

The Internal Affairs Minister, Military Operations Commander, Foreign Affairs Minister, Finance Minister are all appointed by the Secretary General immediately after the election, and they in turn appoint their respective deputies. Someone in any one of these positions may serve as many times as they are appointed. See Article IIIa for the Assembly's power over these appointments.

V. Financial Aid

The Federal Bank of the NADC is fully responsible for the provision of elementary aid such as Starter Aid and Military Aid to all members of the alliance. All other types of Finance that are non-elementary require Bank Membership to be applicable. These types of finance are available upon request in the Federal Bank Forum. For the provision of Elementary Aid, the Minister of Finance must be contacted personally.

VI. Military Action

If war is declared on a NADC member nation, that nation must immediately inform the Military Operations Commander or his or her Deputy so that the MOC can set up a Rogue Response Effort. All financial, diplomatic, and military coordination will take place in that thread, and orders will be given directly by the MOC or his or her Deputy. The suffering nation may not respond militarily unless ordered to do so by the MOC him/herself or his or her Deputy. If the original aggressor makes a peace offer, which is then approved by the MOC or his or her Deputy, all NADC members currently involved in the war must accept it. Nuclear weapons may only be used with direct permission from the MOC and Secretary General or in response to a nuclear attack. In the case of the Military Operations Commander's extended absence, the SECGEN alone must approve the use of nuclear weapons in his stead.

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