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Join The Crimson Blades!

Evil Lord Doom

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Be the start of something big!

Join The Crimson Blades today! we are a new alliance with an average strength of 2,162 but we are more than happy to accept new members of any sizes.

what can our alliance bring you? we can give you defence from other nations but the freedom to attack other nations without an alliance, aid, advice and a friendly place to go if you just want to chat.

also we have a lottery where a winner is picked every wednesday. it could be you! the current prize is 150k!

to join simply change your aliance to the crimson blades. yes thats it no forms to fill out!

below is our easy to use forums so you can see all the goings on in our alliance.

<a href="http://z15.invisionfree.com/The_Crimson_Blades/" target="_blank">http://z15.invisionfree.com/The_Crimson_Blades/</a>

to get further information on our alliance please post back. hope to see you there!

Our alliance is a member of NONE.

Our Charter:

1) all nations within the alliance will be treated fairly and given respect even if they are new.

2) A Member breaking the rules of the alliance, will be put on trial by the Founders of the Alliance and three other randomly selected nations who will make up a tribunal

3) Freedom of trade between all members of the crimson blades. Nations with in the alliance can accept and cancel trades at their own will or if it doesn't benifit one or both nations but fore warning is needed so to prepare he subject nation for lose of trade goods

4) Army. all nations will be required to keep a individually strong army and provide aid and armed forces aswell as active involvement in any wars ally nations are in.

5) All nations are granted a voice in the Crimsom blades forums and no nations requests will go on silent ears.

6) A universal team colour between all trading nations so to provide inter-alliance nations with increase population happyness (optional)

7) The president and the central comittee have the final say on alliance affairs

8) Attacking is only allowed on nations without an alliance who are inactive for at least 7 days as to prevent an alliance war.

9) Nations who start a war will recieve no assistance if they discover they are losing and cannot win the war.

If they find themselves in dire straits and on the brink of anarchy, they may request to individual nations for help, but it is in no way compulsary or expected for them to help.

10) It is illegal to steal from another alliance

11) Forum and in-game spying. It is illegal to spy on any other nations in the alliance, forum spying will only be permited during times of war with the permission of the president or founders. you are allowed to use in-game spying at any time as long as the nation is not in an alliance.

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