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New Found Outlaws

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The rebirth has began...

Article I membership.

1) All nations are eligible to join the new found outlaws
if they meet the following requirements.

a. The nation is not in any other alliance.
b. The nation is not a known rogue nation.
c. The nation is not in any active wars.
d. The !@#$%* his nation is not running from another alliance for misconduct.
e. The nation is not on any sanction list.
f. The nation will not bring any harm to the new found outlaws.
in any form, before and or after becoming a member.
g. The nation agrees to remove the new found outlaws
from their alliance members box if directed from his/her leaders for misconduct.

2) How to join.

a. First go to http://s1.zetaboards.com/new_found_outlaws/index/
b. Second post the folowing in the member sign up office.
1. Nation name
2. Ruler name
3. nation link
4. Any alliances you have been in.
c. After the leaders have verified that, you are not in an alliance, not at war, and not a rogue nation. You will receive a message to change your alliance to the new found outlaws.
d. You will need to pick a title to start with the two starting titles are Peaceful “ Nation that does not want to fight” and Protector “Nation that will fight to protect the alliance anytime”
e.The new found outlaws
requires you to change your team color to pink. This will happen at the same time as the alliance box is changed.
f. Once a Nation gets to this step it is understood that you are part of the new found outlaws and are subjected to all rules of the alliance.

Article II Code of Conduct.

1) Absolutely no attacking other nations that is in an alliance or protected.
2) No breaking a deal be it Technology or other. Integrity and Honor is a must.
3) Loyalty, Duty, and Selfless Service to the alliance at all times.
4) Respect all other nations when dealing with or talking to. Remember each person is a ruler of a nation or country this is not to be taken lightly. Respect is the foundation for negotiations in all cases.

Article III War and Peace.

1) Protection for any nation in the alliance will be at all times. If you get attacked first defend your nation and then go to the website and ask for help. Any member can help you with out asking first. Send out messages that tell why you got attacked if you know, how much damage was done and the name of the attacker. The leaders of new found outlaws will contact the attacking nation or his/her alliance ASAP to ask for peace. Always keep all damage reports for reparations.
2) Attacking nations that are not in alliances is allowed if the nation is not protected by another alliance. This means if you attack a nation that is protected you will have to deal with the protector and have to pay for damages you have done to the attacked nation. The new found outlaws will not pay for your damages or help you if you start an unsanctioned war.
3) If you plan to do a technology or land raiding you should always send a message telling the attacked nation PM for peace. This way you give the nation a chance if they are active.
4) Use your best judgment when attacking other nations. If you end up losing the war you started don’t ask for money from other members to rebuild.
5) If you attack a nation that is in or protected by another alliance you will be considered a rouge nation and will become an ENEMY of the new found outlaws.
6) We are a peaceful alliance and should never need to attack other nations but to keep the game from becoming boring; the leadership understands the need to fight sometimes.
7) If you don’t understand the rules about attacking other nations. The first thing you need to do is ask one of the leaders to explain it to you before you attack anyone. This could save your nation in the long run.
The last thing about war is that if you plan to stop playing the game for any reason please remove you nation from our alliance before you go on a killing rampage.

Article IV Technology Deals.

1) If you want to do Technology Deals to make money you will be responsible for repaying the nations you deal with. The alliance will not repay your debts.
2) If your nation steals from tech buyers you will be banned from the alliance. This means you could be attacked by other member or left to die at the hands of the nation you cheated.
3) Technology deals are a very important part of the game for the new members. It is a means of becoming a strong nation in a very sort time.

Article V Business of the alliance.

The business of the new found outlaws is conducted by the emperor and the council members. No member may speak for the whole alliance at any time. If a member has an issue they may post it in the correct place in our forums.Any member that tries to speak for the whole alliance will be subject to punishment. The punishment will be decided by a council vote.

Article VI Leaving the new found outlaws.

1) If you want to leave the alliance you need to send the leadership a message as to why. This is to see if anything can be done to change your mind.
2) You will need to close out any tech deals you have before leaving.
3) Last thanks for playing in our alliance and good luck to your nation

Our irc is #outlaws on coldfront.
Outlaws flag

Emporer of NFO

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[left] [quote]

[center][size="4"][color="#ff0000"]The Outlaws Have Been Found[/color][/size]
[b]Article I: Sovereignty[/b]

This Pact shall not infringe on the sovereignty of The Phoenix Federation and New Found Outlaws and shall serve to only embody the friendship and trust amongst the signatory alliances.

[b]Article II: Communication[/b]

The signatories shall keep open lines of communication between each other through IRC, Forums, and/or In-Game Messages.

[b]Article III: Non Aggression[/b]

In the spirit of friendship, neither signatory alliance will engage in any hostile action towards the other signatory in any form.

[b]Article IV: Protection[/b]

In the case that New Found Outlaws falls under attack, The Phoenix Federation pledges support militarily, financially, and/or politically.

[b]Article V: Cancellation[/b]

If either signatory finds that this agreement is no longer in their best interest, they may cancel the agreement with seventy-two (72) hours written notice, or immediately by mutual consent. Any violation of Article I, II, or III shall serve as cause for immediate termination by the protector.

Signed for TPF,
mhawk -[i] Evil Overlord[/i]
Desperado - [i]High Magistrate[/i]
TheCrimsonKing - [i]Phoenix Magistrate[/i]
Airikr -[i] Ember[/i]
Beernuts - [i]Ember[/i]
Great Lakes Union - [i]Ember[/i]
JBone - [i]Ember[/i]
auto98 - [i]TPF resident Def Leppard fanatic

[/i]Signed for NFO,
Emperor of NFO[/quote]

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Yeah, I hear their leader is a bit on the furry side of funny. :smug:

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Welcome and good luck NFO :)

Also, who would want those guys as protectors? Right?? :P

oo/ TPF
oo/ NFO

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Hey thanks for the support. Amd yes the flag is small but any larger and it would lose some detail.

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Goodluck with your alliance. FK wishes you all the best. Let the haters hate and ignore them.

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[quote name='xR1 Fatal Instinct' date='23 March 2010 - 09:43 PM' timestamp='1269394981' post='2234737']
Goodluck with your alliance. FK wishes you all the best. Let the haters hate and ignore them.
um, you can only say that if you have haters... no one in this thread is hating...

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[quote name='supercoolyellow' date='23 March 2010 - 10:42 PM' timestamp='1269402149' post='2234864']
A DOE 3/10

A new alliance protected by TPF ... 10/10

Good luck NFA!!

typo? <_<

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