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Article 0:
Argent agrees to take The Conclave under their draconic wing, and guide The Conclave through the multiverse.

Article 1:
Argent hereby agrees to help The Conclave in any defensive war in both military and financial aid. Neither party are required to participate in an offensive war.

Article 2:
Argent and The Conclave will coexist in peace with each other and agree to share any information that is relevant to the other. Neither party shall engage in unsavory acts against each other.

Article 3:
This treaty is valid for 90 days at which point it will be subject to review and reaffirmation.

Article 47:
Either party may terminate this agreement if they feel that the treaty or bonds of friendship have diminished in time. The treaty stands for 47 hours after cancellation, with an additional 47 hours as a non-aggression pact.

Signed for Argent:

Janax - Emperor
EmperorOfCheese - Regent
Freedomfight3r - Minister of Foreign Affairs
Computra - Minister of Finance
Otter - Minister of War
Raholia - Minister of Communications
Sqkura - Minister of Internal Affairs
Onion - Minister At Large

Signed for The Conclave:

Grand Master Austindel
Auxiliary Master Synesi

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[quote name='Carlton the Great' date='17 March 2010 - 09:41 PM' timestamp='1268887632' post='2228992']
Congratulations and good luck.

o/ Argent
o/ The Conclave

Carlton...awesome avatar.

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