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The Society of Ordo Arcana


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In Cyber Nations, there's this thing that many like to call a "political spectrum", something that shows where everyone stands in the world. But honestly, it's all the same thing, just on different "sides". What if these sides were irrelevant to your CN life? What if all you wanted to do was to do was be the leader you've always wanted to be, in a group of thinkers just like you?

There's an exit to this political structure that's plagued Planet Bob for so long. It's always been "Might Makes Right", and likely, it will always be so. But what if there was a chance to escape this level field, and to instead help create a separate field? Small alliances of late have been living in fear- sacrificing their vision of nonconformity and becoming protectorates of other alliances. Alliances aren't meant to all be on one field.

Ordo Arcana has one simple goal- to reshape the political playing field through the promotion of real diplomacy. We are a group of aged and elite nations from various sides of this so-called "Political Spectrum" gathered with one goal- to make things better.

Joining the Society

Joining the Society of Arcana isn't a simple task for most. While the process of submitting an application is simple, we have a fair list of guidelines that must be adhered to:

  1. You will not be allowed in the alliance without a vouch from the CN Moderation, or from within the alliance itself. However:
  2. If your application is denied, read the next full paragraph.
  3. We accept nations of all sizes, smaller nations will be entered into our Elitification Program.
  4. Age isn't a factor, but experience is. If you have something in your history that you know can be used for the betterment of the Society, you'll likely be let in.

For those not accepted, you are given the chance to enter our "Independent Diplomat" program. Upon getting denied, you will automatically have your mask modified to "Independent Diplomat" and you will be given access to the Independent Diplomat forum, the spam forums, and various other small forums where you will be able to get to know the members of the Society for a future vouch. After a significant amount of time has passed, a member of the Society may be free to put up a poll on voting for allowing you entry. This member will also be your official vouch. If the poll passes, you will automatically be given membership ability. This is not the same as being in the alliance. You will still need to leave your current alliance and state that you accept your invitation in your Pledge within the Arcana forums. Following, we will contact your former alliance and have them highlight how your membership was.

Ordo Arcana Forums

(IRC Channel Currently Not Up)

Now without futher ado:

The Ordo Arcana Charter

Article I: Composition and Alliance Nature

Ordo Arcana has been commissioned as an alliance of the most talented and powerful nations available in CN, and it is meant that it should stay that way. Ordo Arcana is an alliance founded on mutual trust, and pains shall be taken, even at the expense of alliance growth, to maintain the amicable relations and the high standards of its members.

Article II: The Government and Evolution

[ A ]- The Government as it Stands

The founding government of the Ordo Arcana will be one of a primarily egalitarian and meritocratic nature. The founding members, few as they are, will function as the legitimate government of the Ordo Arcana. Each member of the Ordo Arcana will function as a minister or diplomat in his or her own right, according to their talents, and according to demand, with the full authority of the alliance behind them. Any indiscretion or offense committed by one of the members, whether it be in the course of his or her duties, or as a personal offense to another member, shall be taken up with the general assembly of the alliance as a whole. All members are to be treated as having equal authority in all matters. Should a decision concerning alliance policy, legislature, or treaty be contested by one or a group of the members, a general vote will be conducted, and the outcome will be decided by a simple majority.

[ B ]- As we Evolve: Expanding the Government

As Ordo Arcana expands, it will become necessary to develop a richer, more diverse, and more stratified government. Therefore, should the alliance reach a total member count exceeding 30 members, a secondary governmental structure will be automatically activated and a new government created. Owing to previous experience in alliance government, and simple logic, the secondary government will be one modeled on an imperial or centralized autocratic system. The general structure (subject to change with experience) will be laid out below:

The Arbiter

The Arbiter shall be the supreme authority in the alliance. The Arbiter shall act as a general coordinator for the ministers, and an advisory to the Pantheon. It is the Arbiter's job to determine the direction of the alliance in general (leaving the ministers to choose their own course within a general framework). Should the Arbiter find a piece of legislation or a decision by the Pantheon to be unacceptable or not in the best interests of the alliance, he may veto the legislation or decision in question. However, should the Pantheon reintroduce the legislation after 7 days, or decision and pass it unanimously, the veto shall be discounted and the bill in question will pass.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon is a council of 5 members, selected on the basis of both merit and their popularity among the general membership. The duty of the Pantheon shall be to act as both a legislative body for the alliance, and as a general governing body. The 5 members of the Pantheon shall be assigned, by the Arbiter, to the 5 basic ministries of the alliance, as detailed below.

Vizier of Foreign Relations

The Vizier of Foreign Relations shall be responsible for conducting the alliance's relations with foreign powers. The responsibilities entrusted to the minister by virtue of his position include the management of the diplomatic corps, the negotiation of foreign treaties and agreements, and advising the Arbiter and the Grand Master of the Order in times of war. The Vizier of Foreign Relations shall act autonomously in the realm of Foreign Affairs, except where it comes to the proposal and ratification of treaties. The Vizier of Foreign Relations will require the consent of the Arbiter and of the Pantheon in a 4/5 majority(including the vote of the Vizier) to pass to ratify any treaty.

Grand Master of the Order

The Grand Master of the Order shall be responsible for the military in general. The Grand Master of the Order will be charged with the general conduct of the military during war, it's organization, general structure, strategy, and tactics. The Grand Master of the Order will be granted complete autonomy in matters of war, save for declarations of war and peace. In any endeavor that might require either financial backing, or the notification of foreign powers, the Grand Master of the Order must first consult the Arbiter and the Vizier.

Commissariat of Affluence

The Commissariat of Affluence shall be responsible for all matters relating to the economy and the transfer of wealth within the alliance. The Commissariat of Affluence's duties shall include the designation and management of Bank nations, the organization and conduction of Aid Chains, publishing general trade organization guides, and all other such matters. The Commissariat of Affluence shall have complete autonomy in the realm of finance, save where inter-alliance aid is concerned, in which case all proposals must be reviewed by the Arbiter or the Pantheon.

High Charity of Order and Justice

The High Charity of Order and Justice shall be charged with the maintenance of the community at large, a task which will require managing several sub-ministries. The High Charity of Order and Justice well be charged with managing alliance admissions, which shall entail background checks, personality and competence testing. The High Charity of Order and Justice shall also act as the chief forum moderator, making sure forum conduct is proper and censoring and deleting posts where necessary. The High Charity of Order and Justice will be charged with managing alliance rosters, applying and changing masks, and dealing with the general inquiries of the public.

Master of the Archives

The Master of the Archives shall be charged with keeping both the Pantheon and the Arbiter appraised of both the domestic and international situation. The duties of the Master of the Archives shall include the compilation and conduction of polls, statistics, and graphs. The Master of the Archives shall be specially selected for his or her diligence, and foreign connections. It is necessary that the Master of the Archives be well connected and generally knowledgeable of the situation on Planet Bob in general, should trouble arise, the Master of the Archives should be the first to hear of it. The Master of the Archives shall be completely autonomous, subject to the requests and inquiries of the Arbiter and the Pantheon, of course.

[ C ]- Ambiguity and Uncertainty

Should a situation arise which is not provided for by the charter, or which is not made entirely clear by the provisions of the charter, the Arbiter shall have the final say in the manner. Should the matter concern the powers, responsibilities, or misconduct of the Arbiter, then the Pantheon shall hold final authority on the matter.

Article III: Security and Loyalty

In the spirit of, and in a desire to secure the alliance to the greatest degree possible, the admissions and permissions concerning the alliance shall be heavily restricted. Above and beyond any other qualifications for membership, an applicant to Ordo Arcana must be recommended by a guarantor, before a vote by the commons concerning their application may proceed. A guarantor shall be any elected or appointed official from any recognized alliance, a member of CN's moderation or administrative staff, or a Senior Member of the Ordo Arcana itself. Furthermore, any ambassador or official from a foreign alliance who is not a minister or alliance leader himself, must be confirmed by one of their government's officials before being allowed diplomatic level access.

[ D ] – The War Policy - Expansion of the Grand Master of the Order -

The military policy of Ordo Arcana is simple: Use all weapons at your disposal in order to defend your nations and your people. Each member bares a personal responsibility as to how they wage war on Planet Bob but it is made very clear that nations under the Ordo Arcana banner cannot wage an offensive war without justification. Justification is listed as: Defending an ally, with expressed permission by the Pantheon or defending a fellow Ordo Arcana member if all diplomatic resolutions have failed.

[ E ]- The Black Guards

Should the Arbiter or the Pantheon find it necessary, for whatever reason they deem fit, they may commission the Black Guards. The purpose of the Black Guards shall be to ensure the absolute loyalty of the members and the government to the existing leadership and structures, as well as the principles of the alliance. The Black Guards shall hold authority above and beyond that of the Alliance Ministers and the Arbiter, they are empowered by the alliance itself to fulfill their task and to root out any disloyalty or corruption. The very nature of the Black Guards makes them a very dangerous institution, answering to no authority, and holding absolute power. The Black Guards may be composed of any alliance members deemed fit for the task by their commissioner, who have shown absolute and unswerving loyalty to the alliance. The Black Guards hold no authority to govern the alliance, but hold the authority to disempower or eject any member they deem a threat. The Black Guards shall be empowered for a set term lasting no more than 20 days. The Black Guards are loyal to no man, only to the alliance status-quo, and will act to preserve it by any means necessary. The Black Guards should only be commissioned if there is indication of an internal threat to the stability and well-being of the alliance, or its leaders.

Article IV: Foreign Services

Headed by the Vizier of Foreign Relations, the foreign policy below is set forth by the general membership of our society:

Ordo Arcana is a body of the most elite, aged, and experienced persons in Cyber Nations, a repository of knowledge and a bastion of good government. In such cases as they are requested, and approved by the leadership, Ordo Arcana may act as a think tank or advisory body to another alliance. Ordo Arcana may be commissioned to overhaul alliance structure, make recommendations concerning foreign policy, conduct diplomacy and intelligence gathering, write documents of all natures, advise on advanced economics and construct other alliances outright. All services are available for a negotiable fee, whether it be a token monetary tribute, or a substantial sum. It is made very clear that these services do not include military backing or 'mercenary' transactions.

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Know what I like about this topic? It's made of sheer quality. Quality and win. Don't you want to be made of sheer quality and win? And if you already are, why aren't you already here?

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