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Lookin for an alliance


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I've always thought this was sort of dumb, yet here I am doing it anyways. I'm looking for an alliance. I'm very active and would like some sort of deputy government position so I can help out.

My Nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...Nation_ID=29949

Tell me a bit about your alliance I guess. Why would I want to join? How many high level treaties do you have and with who? Make me want to join.

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We need more Forum active people.. I am tired of using PM's all the time.

We need diplomats to keep track of our firends. I am tired of making the rounds (and sometimes missing) on our friends embassies.

We need members to grow.

We need warriors to instill respect on would be attackers.

We are the Protectorate of Curland a small alliance, a member of the Hanseatic League (MADP bloc).

Due to recent drama the Hanseatic League is now only composed of Norden Verein, Nueva Vida, Iron Cross, Prussia, Order of the Sword and us.

In addition to those MADP's we have ToA's with Fark, and Sons of Muspel

To be frank.. relations are currently strained with the rest of the cyberverse and we all might be subject to attack.. much more reason to welcome someone with diplomatic skills.. or warrior skills.

King Vitauts

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Join Invicta! We are the most stable Purple Alliance! We currently hold a Senate Seat in the Purple Sphere. We are always looking for active members. At your strength, you could become anything you would like to be, as long as you are active on our offsite forums and dont cause trouble. We are rapidly growing, and looking for new members.

We are a mostly peacefull alliance, but only fight if attacked. We are currently in the Sanction Race, and are attempting to reach a point were Invicta can be Sanctioned!

Our name means "Undefeated" in Latin, and we are Undefeated! Join us, and join the Undefeated!

If you would like MORE information, please contact me, or any other Invicta Member!!!

Long Live the Undefeated!!!!!!

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I hate replying to these topics... but I've got little else to do at the moment, and you seem to be above the quality of the average user that does this. I'm convined of this by the fact that you seem to be able to communicate coherently and your nation isn't a mess. Overall, I give you an 8/10. (Coming from me, that is quite good).

So anyway, on to RIA. We've been around for... about a day longer than your nation, coincidentally. At just over 380 members and close to 2.3 million NS, we're a decent sized alliance. Our normal forum activity is good and our government tends to be competent. We just adopted a new constitution that will be taking effect on the first of next month. Luckily for you, this is about the best chance you can find to nab yourself a position. We should have some new openings for active members. No garauntees, of course, but if you are indeed active and a good worker, I don't think you'd have too much difficulty getting a job.

Currently, we're in the SuperFriends bloc made up of ASC, Fark, and GOD. We've proven to be an effective team in both war and peace time, so I'm quite happy with that situation. As far as more minor treaties... We broke the old ToA web with our overabundance of treaties, so I'm going to just stick with that major one to keep from boring you.

As far as wanting to join... I suppose that depends on your personal preferences. We do have quite an entertaining community, and have a large number of friends dispersed through the various fations of the game, so we're rarely boring. In fact, that's pretty much the one thing we are garaunteed not to be most of the time. We've got plenty of room for advancement to whatever level a member can or wants to apply themselves to, and work very hard at maintainin our sense of comraderie.

...I feel like one of those lame advertisements for some crappy product nobody cares about, but I can't think of anything that doesn't sound like I'm trying too hard. Honestly, we just got out of a major growth program, so we're focused more on consolidating our gains. You'd be made welcome to no end if you decide to come hang out, but I try not to trip over myself attempting to nab a decent sized nation the way some people do around here. We're more concerned with your activity right now.

If you want to contribute to our little community and help make our alliance better, I would absolutely love to welcome you aboard. What I'm not looking for right now is a generic face in the crowd who won't do anything. If you think you can do this, please drop by rialliance.net and look around. We've got plenty of non-members who hang out on our social board, so don't be afraid to drop by whether you want to join or not.

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The Order of Light cause we are one of fastest growing alliance, 750+ members, white team(so you don't need to change team). We are opening a new dept. soon. There are many position you can sign up for. We only have MDoAP with IRON for now, but I see more treaty coming soon.

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I've always thought this was sorta of dumb, yet here I am doing it anyways. I'm looking for an alliance. I'm very active and would like some sort of deputy government position so I can help out.

My Nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...Nation_ID=29949

Tell me a bit about your alliance I guess. Why would I want to join? How many high level treaties do you have and with who? Make me want to join.

Hi,how are you?I am Koala.I have just started a new alliance.It is called the: European Union of Democratic Nations.

I invite you to check out our offsite forum: eudn.forumsland.com

Once you get to the offsite forum,you will see the new charter,constitution,folders,etc.That should give you a "feel" of what I would like the alliance to be like.One of fun and enjoyment!

Have a look around,see how it is setup.EUDN is new,so you would be able to help establish the new government.And by joining you can be 1 of the first new members to get things started.And I believe that you willl agree,that is half the fun of a new alliance.

There are no treaties,but that is something a new governement would start working on as new members join.

I hope you will come check out EUDN.

So,give it a chance.I think EUDN may be the alliance your looking for!

Thank you for taking time to read this.I wish you well,regardless of what you decide to do!

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I've always thought this was sorta of dumb, yet here I am doing it anyways. I'm looking for an alliance. I'm very active and would like some sort of deputy government position so I can help out.

My Nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...Nation_ID=29949

Tell me a bit about your alliance I guess. Why would I want to join? How many high level treaties do you have and with who? Make me want to join.

The UAN could certainly use active members, no doubt. Here's why joining our smaller alliance is more beneficial:

1.) As an active member in a small alliance, you'd be the proverbial big fish in a small pond. If you're active and want one, you would probably gain one or more permanent council seats (there are three so far; the High Council, Domestic Relations and Policy Council, and the Foreign Relations and Policy Council).

2.) Because it's a small alliance right now, your voice as a member would have a greater impact than if you were part of a large one. Think about it; as a member of the High Council (to which all alliance members belong), you would be able to take on a bigger role in helping to write the Charter than if you were part of a large alliance that has so many voices that your ideas are less likely to be heard and considered.

Basically it's a win-win situation. We get a new and active member, and you get a higher position in a small alliance as opposed to a little position in a larger one.

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Consider Vanguard. We're a small alliance with dedicated and experienced leaders and a pragmatic but ethical approach to foreign policy, high membership and activity standards, and a committment to playing the game well. We could use help with recruiting, diplomacy, finance, and education, so you'd find several opportunities to put your talents to use (though we're too small for internal trade circles, which I understand you orgaized for Atlantis). If you're active, you could easily get a government seat in the December or February elections. One of our newest members, Grand Duke Michael, ran for Agent in November and lost by only one vote to Pocho, our former vizier.

We sign treaties only with groups we trust. Right now, we have a mutual defense pact with Echelon and frierndship treaties with FOK, ACL, Ragnarok, and Atlantis. We've got one treaty in the writing stage and are pursuing others, including a second MDP.

You can find more information about Vanguard in our recruiting thread and at our forums.

If none of the alliances mentioned so far interest you or you'd like more information about a few of them, consider telling us more about yourself; that will make recruiters more confident that their post will succeed, so you'll get more replies and each will have more detail. For example, why are you leaving the Centurian Brotherhood? Do you want a small alliance, a medium-sized one, or a large one? Do you want a neutral alliance, an alliance that prefers peace but will go to war if needed, or a war monger? Do you want to work people who have specific interests, like guns or games? Would you prefer a formal alliance or a relaxed and humorous one?

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If you are looking for a close-knit alliance of professional CN players, I would like to invite you to join Vanguard.

We are a small band of polite, like-minded players who believe in peaceful and diplomatic resolutions, as opposed to war. Most of our members are experienced veterans who are more than pleased to give advice and a helping hand.

Feel like taking on alliance responsibilities? We also have an excellent democratic system where YOU can try your chance and run for various positions available.

As for treaties, currently we have PIATs with Ragnarok, ASC, and FOK, among others. Since we value peace, we only sign pacts with those we trust

to ensure we will not be dragged into unnecessary conflicts. With that said however, we WILL uphold our treaties and defend our allies in times of need.

If you have any further inquiries, feel free to ask me, or contact us (information available in my sig).

Thanks =)

- Lars Jorgens, Recruitment officer for Vanguard.


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Join the Cult of Richard. We're dedicated to spreading the good word of www.lfgcomic.com, particularly that of our Patron, Richard the Warlock, also known as Richard the Awesome!.

We are soon going to hold an election for the position of a Dark Apostle(a council of members who help vote on important issues and are also treated as Ministers-In-training), so if you're active as you say you are, it shouldn't be too much of a problem for you to get elected. We are also in need of a Minister of Foreign affairs. With the right speeches and actions, that could be you. We just so happen to also need donors for a MASSIVE Intra-Cult Charity donation we'd be doing, and if you become one the recognition that you are a valuable addition to the Cult it will guarantee you a spot within the Dark Apostle Council. It's almost like the power you're after is being handed to you.

As for treaties? I prefer to keep such information under lock and key. If the above information and opportunity has interested you in any possible way, PM me and I will inform you of our treaties and answer any question that may form in your mind.

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Hello, mate!

International Security and Commerce Organisation.

* We offer aid/military help.

* We have a friendly/ and active atmosphere on the forums.

* We award medals, ribbons, and even positions of power for activity on our forums. Since we are only 25 members were always looking for capable ministers. and have positions open.

* We have experienced members who will help you grow

* We are multi coloured but can still help you set up trades

*we have 25 members at 150k ns

* we are part of a small alliance bloc SHIELD and have a few NAP's and a ToA, ODP.

*were democratic and hold elections

*and dont seek wars but will fight to defend allies

If you're interested, check out z4.invisionfree.com/ISCO/ and fill out a membership application or just have a look around! or you can pm me if you want more info.



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