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Transvaal Cup IV


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[color="#000080"]Two hours ago, the [i]Transvaal Voetbalsvereniging[/i] (Transvaal Football Union) which manages the annual Transvaal World Cup association football (soccer) championship randomly drew the names of the 32 qualified teams for Transvaal Cup IV; here are the team and pool assigments for the preliminary round-robin as well as which city in the Republic of Transvaal that pool will play out all its matches.


The teams finishing 1st through 4th in each pool will advance to the playoffs (single match knockout) with the first round match-ups as follows:

A1 vs D4
A2 vs D3
D1 vs A4
D2 vs A3
B1 vs C4
B2 vs C3
C1 vs B4
C2 vs B3

5th place teams will play consolation round for 17th to 20th placement
6th place teams will play consolation round for 21st to 24th placement
7th place teams will play consolation round for 25th to 28th placement
8th place teams will play consolation round for 29th to 32nd placement

The Kingdom of Light and Pravus Ingruo will play just prior to the Gold Medal Championship final for the dubious title of [i]Worst Of The World[/i]

I will posted daily results here as well as the upcoming schedule for the next day. The tournament commeneces on Monday, March 1 so check back tomorrow for Monday's schedule.[/color]

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[i][size="3"][b][color="#FF8C00"]TRANSVALER DAAGLIKSE SPORTNUUS - TRANSVAAL CUP IV PREVIEW[/color][/b][/size][/i]

[b]POOL A [/b]
In a pool with a heavy Liga Mundo presence, hosts [b]Transvaal [/b]on paper are the favourites to win Pool A however the Springboks have to get past a legacy of fumbling their way through the preliminary rounds. If they start out cold in their initial matches, the loss of momentum could well doom them to a middle of the pack finish. [b]Dun Carrig[/b], [b]Arcadian Empire[/b] (last year's finalists), and [b]Cataduanes [/b]are familiar opponents in Liga Mundo (Cataduanes represented in that league by Estrella Roja) and will place immese pressure the host team. [b]J Andres[/b] is a decent side often fails to live up to promise at the international level while [b]Arctica[/b], [b]Prince Edward Island[/b] (another Liga Mundo nation) and newcomers [b]Cascade [/b]- who won the qualification round in confident style – will all be fighting for upsets and a hopeful yet improbable sneak into the Final 16.

[b]POOL B[/b]
The weakest of the four pools, Pool B will be dominated by [b]The Cheeselands[/b]. Traditionally a middle of the pack nation, they have progressively improved and over-achieved each year. This year should be no different and now facing four of the eight pre-tournament qualifiers, The Cheeselands should be able to cruise to first place. They will face some challenges from [b]Viniland [/b]and [b]Kevodia [/b]for the tope spot while [b]Jutopia Land[/b] will probably lock up 4th place, leaving the four qualifiers from [b]Debate Land[/b], [b]Disparu[/b], [b]Nos Tre Rebublic[/b], and [b]Adeptes Mechanicus[/b] to scrap it out for consolation placement.

[b]POOL C[/b]
Pool C features the defending Cup III champions from [b]Deutschland [/b]and the Cup II finalists from [b]Mac Land[/b]. Add to this mix [b]The Children of Odin[/b] – only one of four nations participate in all four Transvaal Cups along with the hosts, Deutschland, and Sooners –, Liga Mundo powerhouse [b]Costa Libertad[/b] who are led by the legendary fullback Lois Luis, handedly [i]the [/i]greatest player in all of CN football, and the tenacious [b]Uralica [/b]squad, this pool will be difficult to predict and likely feature some of the best football witnessed in the preliminary round. [b]Voobaha [/b]is capable of pulling timely results and will be in the fray for one of the Final 16 spots. [b]Kelton [/b]and [b]MLW Worldwide[/b] don’t have the experience of international football that the rest of the teams in this pool have but neither will be pushovers either. Expect the unexpected in this pool.

[b]POOL D[/b]
Years ago [b]Sooners [/b]were the laughing stock of CN international football, finishing 32nd out of 32 in 2007 and then 30th out of 32 in 2008. However in 2009, after a major overhaul of their football programme, they took everyone by surprise with a first place finish in their preliminary pool (second for most points earned) followed up by an impressive 7th place run in the playoffs. They should repeat in 1st place in Pool D as their only real opposition will be [b]Tahoe [/b]and [b]Articuno Islands[/b]. [b]Killallippies [/b]and [b]Sarnungian Republic[/b] will battle it out for the final playoff spot in Pool D while [b]Espana[/b], [b]Promised Land[/b], and [b]Rhodesia [/b]– all fresh from the qualifying round, will be jockeying for consolation placements.

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The Arctican coach had this to say before the tournament started:

"The boys in baby blues and blacks placed pretty high in last year's tournament, and we've only gotten better since then. On the other hand, we're going to have to compete with some of the toughest teams in the game today. I can't give the fans any predictions for the outcome other than saying we'll try our best."

When asked by a journalist how the team managed to get out of last year's Cup (their first time) with 5th place, the coach responded: "Since it was our first time in the Transvaal Cup, nobody knew what to expect. We just kept playing our best and the wins kept stacking up and by the time it was all over, we had placed higher than anybody expected."

"Anything else you want to say about the tournament?"

"At this point, nobody's sure who's going to walk away with the Cup, only guesses, but we'll give it our best shot and see where we end up. I hope everybody involved has a good time competing, and that everyone plays fairly. See you at the games.

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Meanwhile, at the team's first massive press conference, the coach of Debate Land's team simply walked to the podium, ready to give the masses confidence for the times ahead. The speech included some flowery language, and hopes and dreams. This small nation seemed reasonably confident, and while some faces were long, with the seemingly flat finish to the qualifier, they were confident that their team could do something in their bracket. Regardless of it being concidered, the "weakest" bracket, Debate Land's citizens and team were all confident in their chances to get to the next round in the tournament.

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The Sarnungian Republic team, last cup contending for Worst of the World, is now celebrating the start of a new cup with high hopes and better skill. The last team was composed mainly of volunteers who took the game lighter than usual; this year the Boys in Black and Gold are expected to make a run for the playoffs, and many are former players of last years' Gridiron Tournament team.

"This is our year to show the world!" Coach Newman waved his fist in the air in the locker room before the teams final practice before the tournament. "This year, we ride for a different title - no longer looking for failure but looking for greatness. Each of you has been hand-selected by the Board of Athletics to represent our team here." Shots for the media in Sarnunga showed the team standing, their arms around their shoulders and chins up, in the locker room and chanting a prayer of blessing. At the bottom of the screen...
...Be with us youth in our countries, and in all Africa, and in the whole world. Prepare us for the service that we should render. [/i]

They stood and chanted guttural sounds to raise their adrenaline and marched onto the field.

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[i]Transvaal native and alleged actress Charlize Theron (center) is among those obviously bored out of thier minds as Voobaha is drawn into Group C of Transvaal World Cup IV.[/i]

PRETORIA, TRANSVAAL (VNS) - Voobaha has drawn into Group C of the upcoming Transvaal World Cup.

The VooMan Group expects to improve on their 8th place finish from thier TWC debut last year. But Voobaha will have difficult road to get out of a Gabarone based group that features perennial powers Costa Libertad, Deutschland, Mac Nation and Uralica.

"We surprised many people, including ourselves, with a quarterfinal appearance. Now it'll be tougher to even get that far." said Voobaha manager Trent in a press confrence from the team's low budget hotel.

"All we can do is watch and wait for results to be posted... oh, I mean all we can do is play hard, and hope we catch a few breaks along the way."

[i]Charlize Theron raises her hands in celebration as the 32nd, and final name is drawn for the TWC IV, ending the 5 hour, 12 minutes ceremony; allowing her to return to making b-grade movies.[/i]

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[center][b][size="5"][i]Tahoe Football Association[/i][/size][/b][/center]

[center][i]The Tahoe Football Association is the governing body of football (soccer) in Tahoe. Our game is being developed and supported by the TFA and its associates; clubs, affiliates and leagues, in every townland, city street and community across Tahoe, in line with our mission to foster, develop and promote football (soccer). Our goal is to continue to increase participation in all sections of the community through our members, voluntary and executive, working with the many stakeholders who enjoy and support our sport.[/i][/center]

[b]Tahoe Qualifies for the World Cup[/b]
The Tahoe Football Association is pleased to announce its participation in the 2010 World Cup, held in Transvaal. Despite lackluster preformances in previous World Cups, the TFA believes the Tahoan National Team is in its best shape in decades with a strong chance to win the title. A new coach, returning veterans and fresh talent will lead the boys in green and orange to victory. Be loud, be proud. Support your team on the road and at viewing parties being held across the nation. The TFA has had 5,000 sign up for the official road tour that will follow the team across Transvaal. Information can be found online at the TFA website.

Go Green!

-Stephen Kilbane, President of the Tahoe Football Association

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"Last year we shocked everyone when we placed 13th, even though we were just one of the qualifiers. Now that we are more experienced, we will do even better! Onward Jutopians!"

Does participation in Liga Mundo affect your team's skill?

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"Okay team, we may be the new guys, but we did fantastically well in the qualification round. I hope you boys will do just as well in the actual tournament, if we win or at least get a decently good score, Cascade will be respected, at least somewhat. So, let's show the world what Cascadians are good at, boys!"
-Coach Al Edwin

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[quote name='jutopia' date='27 February 2010 - 06:54 PM' timestamp='1267325879' post='2207350']Does participation in Liga Mundo affect your team's skill?[/quote]

[color="#000080"]No, has no bearing. Just ask the Costa Libertad teams from previous years.[/color]

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[size="5"][b]Espana National Football League; La Furia Roja (The Red Fury)[/b][/size]

[i]The Espana National Football League represents the Espana football team including all leagues, clubs, and associates. The best of the best players are chose each year to join the team by the Head Coach. [/i]

[b]Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am a representative for the Espana National Football League. After winning three matches, losing three matches and tying three matches, we have made it to the Cup! We have our bad and good times, and I have no doubt the next games we play we will win at best, lose to an honorable opponent at worst. But we will not let the latter happen, for we are La Furia Roja!

Citizens of Espana... Rejoice in our victories! Show our team how much we support them and how much we want them to crush the opponent for Espana!

We are Espana, and we will crush the opponent beneath our feet! Plus ultra! Plus ultra! Plus ultra!

Thank you.[/center][/b]

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[color="#006400"][b]2010 TRANSVAAL NATIONAL TEAM[/b]

GK - Thurston Alderton (Transvaal Springboks)
GK - Gil Sá (Windhoek Welwitschia)
D - Eugene Tchami (NVK Kaapstad Hornets)
D - Joep Boekweg (Transvaal Springboks)
D - Boyke Chan Carl (Windhoek Welwitschia)
D - Leon Hooiber (Transvaal Springboks) - captain
D - Cartlon Drury (Windhoek Welwitschia)
D - Anthony Davids (NVK Kaapstad Hornets)
MF - Detlef Botha (Transvaal Springboks)
MF - Mathias Rieger (Transvaal Springboks)
MF - Bert Schut (Windhoek Welwitschia)
MF - Jamie Alcott (Windhoek Welwitschia) - assistant captain
MF - Marc Hesselink (Windhoek Welwitschia)
MF - Dakarai Baako (NVK Kaapstad Hornets)
MF - Henk Schot (Transvaal Springboks)
F - Charles Brennan (Transvaal Springboks)
F - Pierre Schulp (Windhoek Welwistchia)
F - Kees Wattereus (Windhoek Welwitschia)
F - Ricardo van Deinsen (NVK Kaapstad Hornets)
F - Balthazar Botha (Transvaal Springboks)

Manager Bartnel Botha officially named the 20-man roster for the Transvaal national team today, and for the first time ever in Transvaal Cup competition it features a large contingent of players from all three professional clubs. Joining eight players from the Liga Mundo Transvaal Springboks are eight players from Vedder League X11 side Windhoek Welwitschia and four players from Nordreich Liga X11 side NVK Kaapstad Hornets.

“Unlike previous years where I have pretty much had to rely on the Transvaal Springboks as a whole unit, there is now some really great Transvaler talent playing on the [i]Biltongboeres [/i]and Hornets. Guys like Jamie Alcott, Bert Schut, Cartlon Drury, and junior phenom Eugene Tchami - no manager in their right mind would overlook them for any national team selection. Most of our international competition is used to playing against the Springboks, they will now have to adjust their game to the likes of defensive wall Boyke Chan Carl and the versatile Kees Wattereus who often switches up to midfield. With Detlef Botha and Boyke Chan Carl, we have probably two of the best freekickers in the entire tournament line-up.”

Also returning to the national squad are fan favourites Ricardo van Deinsen and Dakarai Baako. Van Deinsen retired from the Springboks two seasons ago after five campaigns in Liga Mundo and leading Transvaal to the championship - however he was coaxed out of retirement to help lead a young Hornets team when they began play in the new Nordreich Liga. Dakarai Baako was a UCFA legend but then failed to catch on with either the Springboks or Welwitschias when the UCFA competition died. After running into problems with organised crime and a questionable political career, he signed with the Hornets two seasons ago and has reinvented and rejuvenated himself by becoming one of the best midfielders in Nordreich Liga.

[i]Feel free to post your rosters, if your team makes the knockout rounds I'll try my best to use your player names in the game summaries[/i][/color]

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[quote name='Ezequiel' date='27 February 2010 - 09:31 PM' timestamp='1267335279' post='2207675']OOC: Botha, I think you messed up my friend. You said in the other thread that Espana will advance to Pool B, but we are in Pool D here.[/quote]

[color="#006400"][url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=81083&view=findpost&p=2205676"]This[/url] will explain what happened. The game forced me to use a random team selection for assigning the pools.[/color]

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[color="#000080"][b]DAY 1 SCHEDULE – MONDAY, MARCH 1[/b]

Arctica vs Prince Edward Island
Transvaal vs J Andres
Cascade vs Arcadian Empire
Cataduanes vs Dun Carrig
Nos Tre Rebublic vs Debate Land
Adeptes Mechanicus vs The Cheeselands
Disparu vs Viniland
Kevodia vs Jutopia Land
Mac Land vs The Children of Odin
Uralica vs Voobaha
Deutschland vs Kelton
Costa Libertad vs MLW worldwide
Articuno Islands vs Sooners
Rhodesia vs Tahoe
Sarnungian Republic vs Killallippies
Espana vs Promised Land
Dun Carrig vs Arctica

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TILLERY, VOOBAHA - The Voobahian Football Federation (VFF) has announced the 20 player roster for the Transvaal World Cup.

GK - 1 - Iain Blackwood (37,Desert United FC)
GK - 30 - William Gratte (26, Desert United FC)
D - 5 - David Nystrand (29, Desert United FC) (Captain)
D - 22 - Marvin van Gobbel (32, Voobaha National)
D - 3 - Ramon Autar (34, Desert United FC)
D - 2 - Curtis Elliot (25, Voobaha National)
D - 6 - Petrica Benjamin (26, Desert United FC)
D - 4 - Dorian McElroy (22, Sorcistoj de Tillery)
MF - 29 - Ard van Arum (32, Voobaha National)
MF - 13 - Roger de Haan (20, Voobaha National)
MF - 16 - Mateo Iuliano (30, Voobaha National)
MF - 9 - Nils Krok (30, Desert United FC)
MF - 8 - Christoffer Furberg (21, Desert United FC)
MF - 7 - Leighton Parman (30, Sorcistoj de Tillery)
MF - 29 - Elliott Coy (28, Sorcistoj de Tillery)
F - 27 - Mohammad Ali (25, Desert United FC)
F - 12 - Povel Segerberg (29, Desert United FC)
F - 26 - Badin Salahi (31, Voobaha National)
F - 20 - Donovan Tipperary (31, Voobaha National)
F - 10 - Alexander Heggum (27, Voobaha National)

The VFF stands by it's decision to allow players from Desert United FC onto the national team roster. DUFC had joined a foreign domestic league prior to Voobahian independence; it's players that are Voobahian citizens, though living outside Voobaha's borders, are affored the same rights as all other Voobahians living within its borders.

[i]La VFF staras apud estas decido al permes ludistoj de Dezerto Unuig FC sur n la nacia teamo roster. DUFC havis aliĝitan al fremda hejma ligo antaŭ Voobahian sendependeco; estas ludistoj kiuj estas Voobahian civitanoj, kvankam viv ekster Voobaha-aj landlimoj, estas affored la samaj rajtoj kiel ĉiuj alia Voobahians viv ene de ĝiaj landlimoj. [/i]

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[size="5"]Dun Carrig Roster [/size]

GK -1- Gerrit Cobh ( Dun Carrig Bohs )
GK -20- Vito Marchionni ( Dun Carrig Bohs )
D -3- Fridolf Kalén ( Dun Carrig Bohs )
D -29- Martinus Asaro ( Dun Carrig Bohs )
D -4- Colmán Corrigan ( Bohemian FC )
D -5- Abbán Mayo ( Finglas Zealots )
D -2- Carbrey Ross ( Dun Carrig Bohs )
D -6- Kean Patrick ( Dun Carrig Bohs )
MF -8- Manolito Rebosio ( Dun Carrig Bohs )
MF -22- Stone Olufemi ( Dun Carrig Bohs )
MF -23- Paul Kells [b]C[/b] ( Dun Carrig Bohs )
MF -16- Bran Forde [b]VC[/b] ( Bohemian FC )
MF -9- Deaglán Sibhoiney ( Bohemian FC )
MF -14- Vinícius Carneiro ( Bohemian FC )
MF -7- Sven-Gösta Dagnell ( Finglas Zealots )
F -10- Steven Bewers ( Dun Carrig Bohs )
F -11- Richardo Guara ( Bohemian FC )
F -17- Kyle Roberts ( Finglas Zealots )
F -22- Paddy Madden ( Stonewall united )
F -69- Kelly Dun Laoghaire ( Dun Carrig Bohs )

The roster was released at a pressconference today ahead of Dun Carrigs opening match against Cataduanes[color="#000000"]. DCB players dominated the line-up as excepted with no less than 11 players. [/color]Gerrit Cobh will provide experience in goal and his team-mate who has started to replace him for DCB will be looking to take his place as the national number 1
The backline also features DCB player highly. The DCB pair Fridolf Kalén and Martinus Asaro are expect to be 1st choice fullbacks while Colmán Corrigan of Bohemian FC and Abbán Mayo of Finglas Zealots expect to start at right and left back. Both player are able to play on both and offer a great attacking potential
While the defence line up was pretty much expected there was alot more competition for midfield places. As expect the DCB wonder pair of Manolito Rebosio and Stone Olufemi are included and will be joined by Paul Kells as caption. Vice Caption will be Bran Forde of Bohemian FC his team mates Deaglán Sibhoiney and Vinícius Carneiro also make the national side. The midfield is made complete by Zealots Sven-Gösta Dagnell.
There was alot of controversy upfront. Steven Bewers of DCB and Richardo Guara of Bohemians made the team as expected with Kyle Roberts been reward with a well deserved place. But a unknown youngster by the name of Paddy Madden of amateur club Stonewall United was picked ahead of Justin Sims. Top club are after the youngster but most people are saying he is not ready to play for the national team especially not at the world cup. Kelly Dun Laoghaire will compleat the team as the 19 year old is reward for a fine season at DCB

The biggest story of the day was Justin Sims being left out while people in leading football circles find it impossible to explain how Paddy Madden and Kelly Dun Laoghaire were included ahead of him

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[quote name='Subtleknifewielder' date='28 February 2010 - 02:15 PM' timestamp='1267395556' post='2208874']I would post the roster, but I'm not exactly savvy when it comes to what a roster looks like...plus it'll take me a while to come up with twenty names.[/quote]

[color="#006400"]No worries - I will resort to in-game FIFA2005 names unless folks have provided rosters.[/color]

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[quote name='Botha' date='28 February 2010 - 05:32 PM' timestamp='1267407350' post='2209163']
[color="#006400"]No worries - I will resort to in-game FIFA2005 names unless folks have provided rosters.[/color]

Which can make for a fun guessing game... "Which club team DO I have?"
If you start seeing names in your game reports like Tevez, Bridge, and Adebayor... rest assured you have Manchester City.
Feel free to play along at home. :)

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