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Jim Bob the Glorious

Peace at Kashyyyk

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Tonight the forces of the CSN, Farkistan, GOD, and Guru Order accepted the surrender of New Sith Order to their combined efforts and agreed to an end of hostilities.

Both sides have ended the war amicably and acknowledge that all parties performed admirably on the field of battle, each alliance giving as much as it got day in and day out.

Therefore, we, the nations of the CSN, Farkistan, GOD and Guru Order acknowledge victory on the killing fields over New Sith Order. This acknowledgement comes with but two stipulations.

New Sith Order, in accordance with discussed terms of surrender, agrees to pay reparations to the combined forces. These reparations represent the blood, sweat and tears of the citizens of the nations that fought valiantly in this effort. They also represent our desire to see the affronts of the past punished to the most extreme of possibilities, hoping that through this sacrifice New Sith Order will learn a valuable lesson on how to treat their fellow alliances and the Cyberverse in general.

Reparations are $1. :P If we wanted people to learn life lessons we would run a school, not a military alliance.

This is a white peace otherwise. No decommissioning, no treaties, no non-aggression pacts, no lose of nuclear first strike privileges, no forced resignations, nothing but peace. We all entered to honor a debt and that debt is being paid in full. We do not push any agenda and do not seek to see any alliance destroyed beyond that which occurs through the normal course of battle.

To celebrate this white peace, Ivan Moldavi has agreed to partake in the consumption of the finest New Sith dairy and review it for the scattered public of Cybernations.

[b]Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations[/b]

Goose, Head of State to The Commonwealth, Old Man with a Cane, and Hater of Huggles


RandomlyJim, Submitter
TumultuousPapaya, Squirrel
Emperor Norton I, TotalFark Council
Pope Rodger, TotalFark Council
Fluoroalien, TotalFark Council
Mr Cynical, TotalFark Council
Fireguy15207, TotalFarkCouncil

Xiphosis, Dark Lord
No-Fish, Lord of War

[b]Guru Order[/b]

Guruland Elders Council:
Waldie Land Elders Council:
Jmalaxia Elders Council:
Smokey78 Elders Council:


[b]New Sith Order[/b]

LintWad, Sith Emperor
Doppelganger, Sith Lord
Anthony, Sith Lord
Lennox, Sith Lord
Heggo, Sith Lord
Ivan Moldavi, Prophet of the Dark Side, Imperator Emeritus
Mussolandia, Prophet of the Dark Side
Heft, Prophet of the Dark Side

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How long does NSO have to pay those reps? I hope you gave them plenty of time. :P

Also, did I hear Surrender? Jk NSO, I shouldn't rub it in.


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Milk review? Now there is something i can get behind.

i mean..how DARE YOU! You are MONSTERS!

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glad the terms were much better than expected. congrats on peace NSO, you deserve it, rebuild well.

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o/ peace in our time

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I'm very glad to see this. Good luck to the Sith in rebuilding and good show on decent terms.

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HARSH! Terms are HARSH!

Thats pretty much a waste of a slot and actually costs either $3mil or 50tech.



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