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The Gentlemen's Club DoE

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[center][size="6"][b]The Gentlemen's Club[/b][/size][/center]

It is my pleasure to announce the existence of a new alliance, The Gentlemen's Club. We will reside on the black team, and have a temporary protectorate with Poison Clan until further notice. Our forums are located at http://gentlemen.ipbfree.com/. The skin is currently under construction, it will be fixed up asap. Our public IRC channel is #gents on irc.coldfront.net


[quote]Charter of The Gentlemen's Club

I - Preamble

Top hats. Monocles. Cigars. All symbols of the gentleman of yesteryear. Today we attempt a return to those better days.

The Gentlemen's Club is a Black Sphere alliance, with the aim of taking over the world, one industry at a time. The following charter sets forth our laws.

II. Club Membership and Rights

a. All gentlemen are welcome to apply to join The Gentlemen's Club. Admission requirements are set forth in the external document [i]Admissions[/i].

b. Gentlemen may depart from the Club at anytime during peace, so long as they aren't owing any money to the other Gentlemen. During times of war, Gentlemen may not leave without the permission of Club leadership. Leaving during war without permission shall be seen as desertion, and will be handled at the discretion of the leaders. Leaders must give 72 hours notice before departing.

c. Gentlemen shall be privy to fair punishment for any crimes committed; these punishments will be set forth in the external document [i]Crime and Punishment[/i]. The leaders shall administer punishment.

III. Club Structure and Government

a. The Gentlemen's Club consists of the executive body, led by the three Club Presidents, and the legislative body, consisting of all members of the Club.

b. The Baron of Diplomacy is responsible for foreign affairs, the Captain of Industry is responsible for internal affairs, and the Lord Commander of Foreign Acquisitions is responsible for military affairs.

c. In the event that a Club President resigns or is voted out by a Vote of No Confidence, the remaining Club Presidents shall choose a replacement.

d. Club Presidents will appoint ministers and the like where necessary to help with the execution of tasks.

e. Gentlemen of the Club can advise the Club Presidents on all areas of Club management, but only vote on the following:

i. Vote of No Confidence for a Club President requires 75%+1.
ii. Charter Amendments require 90%+1. [/quote]


890765, Captain of Industry
King Xander, Baron of Diplomacy
Czar_Nick, Lord Commander of Foreign Acquisitions

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Good to see. And luck to you.

You have some fine protectors.

PS: Welcome to the nuthouse. [img]http://forums.cybernations.net/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif[/img]

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You have a worthy stated aim. Good luck on your venture.

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[quote name='raasaa' date='25 February 2010 - 11:12 PM' timestamp='1267168530' post='2204635']
all the best

Curiosity...how many alliances has King Xander founded so far :o
Not including mergers, 3.

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Good luck guys, have fun out there. May your hats be tall and your monocles clear.


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