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The Pansy

Wine tasting report from inside from the great purple stomp

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A state of peace has been reached; The alliances of BAPS, Olympus, Valhalla, Invicta, Avalon, Molon Labe, DOOM surrender, to the alliances of Poison Clan, \m/, The Dark Templar, Nordreich, FOK, The International, The Resistance, RnR, Nueva Vida, Aurora Borealis, FAN and Stickmen (iFOK, SLCB, FCO).

In addition BAPS, Olympus, Valhalla, Invicta, Avalon, Molon Labe and DOOM agree to remain neutral for the duration of this conflict, and to from refrain from aiding any of the involved parties.

All parties recognize the fighting spirit of those they've faced on the battlefield, and wish their fellow combatants well in the future.

[b]King of Purple[/b]
/s/ Stumpy, Lord Trashcat, King of Purple, Defender of the Faith

/s/ Moshea
/s/ Nobody Expects
/s/ TopGun

Titan Council
/s/ Casualty Whore - The Pansy
/s/ Fleabag and General Nuisance - Buffalo Niagara
/s/ Warrior Princess - Mississippigurlie
/s/ Mom - queenhailee

/s/ Head Honcho: ChefJoe
/s/ Number Two: Bud
/s/ Master of Arms: Havamil
/s/ Frenchman Who Steals Your Girlfriend: Seipher Caim
/s/ Money Man: Lord of the Dark
/s/ Everything Else: Lord Levistus

/s/ Sstabeler, Grandmaster,
/s/ Zeke, Magistrates
/s/ Emmett, Magistrate
/s/ ExarKun, Magistrate

/s/ Jorost, President
/s/ Learz. Vice President
/s/ Gangsta White Boy, MoW
/s/ Buddyboyrollin, MoW
/s/ Kn1nJa, Presidential Envoy

[b]Molon Labe[/b]
/s/ ThatFALGuy, MoFA
/s/ Atrocities, Congressman
/s/ JG, Congressman
/s/ Buno Taso, Congressman
/s/ Wesley, Congressman
/s/ kswiss2783, Congressman

Decreed in the year of our Mods and Holy Admin Kevin, this day February 24th, 2010 by
Her Royal Ladyship and Supreme Majesty,Queen Kandria, Sovereign of all Avalon
/s/ Prime Minister of Her Majesty's Government:First Lord of Avalon, Subotai, Lord of Blades of Shadow
/s/ Foreign Office of His Majesty's Government:Foreign Secretary, SyndicatedINC, Lord of Schwertbruder
/s/ Houses of Avalon by the Home Office:Lord High Chancellor, David der Grosse, Lord of New Nippon

[b]Poison Clan[/b]
TwistedRebelDB47 - Master Killer
Derwood1 - The Dealthstalker Scorpion
Pooksland - The Centipede
Mishi - Gila Monster
Jensofthedesert - The Shark
CitizenKane - The Computer
jgator - The Stonefish
Banslam - The Platypus
Sakura - The Vespa Mandarinia

Chief Savage Man - Triumvir
Comrade Goby - Triumvir
Emperor Marx - Triumvir
Merrie Melodies - Director of \m/land Security
King Xander - Minister of War
Commissar Inmate - what
Gerald Meane - Minister of Trades
Invisible Man - Minister of Foreign Affairs

[b]Dark Templar[/b]
Supa Troop3r - Dark Archon
Myworld - Twilight Archon
Magnet - High Templar of War
FeaR_LeSs - Deputy High Templar of War
Fort Pitt - High Templar of Foreign Affairs


[b]Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes[/b]

[b]For the Finnish Cooperation Organization,[/b]
Iosif Moldov, the Commissioner of Foreign Affairs and the Entirity of Commissionary Council

cmf0203 - Triumvir
VG (Viking Goalie) - Triumvir
DemonSpawn - Triumvir
EgoFreaky - MoD
Alcoholic (TiBer) - MoFA
juslen - MoI

[b]For Nordreich,[/b]
His Infernal Majesty Nemhauser, Kaiser von Nordreich
His Imperial Excellency Vinzent von Zeppelin, Kronprinz des Reiches

[b]For Nueva Vida,[/b]
Nelchael, Emperor
Centurius, Lord of Brotherhood

[b]For Aurora Borealis[/b]
Nitroburn - Kosall
The Evilest Eye - The River Goddess
Dan123123 - Blade of Tyshalle

[b]For FOK,[/b]
Uncle Harry, President
Oinkoink12, Minister of Defense
Tarenzi, Minister of Foreign Affairs
DiviFilius, Minister of Internal Affairs

[b]The central committee of the International[/b]

[b]For Blackhorse[/b],
Strykewolf, Commanding Officer
Arcticllama, Executive Officer

For The Resistance

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Christ that's an announcement and a half

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Most. Awesome. Signature. Ever. :smug:

Good fight guys. We'll be off :smug:ing it up.

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Hooray! Finally!

Generally had fun all around in the past 23 days. My warmates were great!

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Cheers to purple for a good fight. Special mention goes out to the nations of BAPS... You guys are the toughest !@#$%^&* with whom I've ever had the honor of doing battle.

You guys might even surf.


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that was fun, hope to have the party again, same bat time same bat channel?

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Congratulations to all my friends and allies.

:wub: you guys.

Enjoy peace.

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