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Senzai-Ishiki Menrui


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The great alliance of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui is looking for new members! Senzai-Ishiki Menrui means Subconscious Noodles in Japanese! You don't get a name much more awesome than that. We offer protection from enemies, being that we are protected by the Global Democratic Alliance, and we offer great start up packages, depending upon your NS. If we sound interesting, check us out on our forums (click the flag)


IRC-ice.coldfront.net #SIM

Leaders: Ernest12, Mergerberger II, Mayonnaise


The Constitution of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui


This shall state the laws and ways of the Cybernations alliance of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui. This document must be updated at least once every two months to remain effective. It shall serve as the governing item for the government and for the people of SIM

Article I:


Any nation may apply to become a member of the Senzai-Ishiki Menrui. They must, however, first complete the following form in the Book of Signature in the Ministry of Immigration on the main forum page. If this is not done within 48 hours of the nation registering as SIM on the main CN site, the nation will be rejected and seen as a ghost and annihilated.

Nation Name:

Ruler Name:

Nation Link:

Previous Alliances:

Nation Strength:

Who Recruited You:

Recite the Follwing:

I, (insert ruler name) hereby pledge to uphold the laws of the Constitution of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui. I pledge never to attack an allied nation of any kind during my time at Senzai-Ishiki Menrui.

Article II:


The ruling class of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui will be a Triumvirate. The three ruling members of Cybernations, as of 10.19.2007 are mergerberger II, Ernest12, and Dylan. The Triumvirate will have the ultimate decision upon any matters be they war, membership, or political. The Triumvirate will be shown the utmost respect on the forums by the members of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui.

The second class of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui government will be the Ministers. The ministers will be elected every three months for the following positions: Minister of Defense, Minister of the Interior, and Minister of Foreign Organizations. Any member of the Senzai-Ishiki Menrui may run for a ministerial position of any kind, excluding Triumvirate members. A member of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui may run for as many Ministerial positions as he/she wants, however, if they are elected to more than one, the Triumvirate will decide which position he/she will inhabit.

The final class of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui government will be the Chairman of the Assembly. This person will be elected to represent the people of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui in government. He/she will make decisions along with the ministers, and consider what is best for the people.

Article III:


1) No member of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui shall attack any registered member of a foreign alliance, unless this attack is okay’d by a government member.

2) No member of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui shall attack any registered member of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui without government permission.

3) No member of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui shall flame, or produce false information about, any member of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui.

4) No member of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui shall be denied their natural rights listed below by any other member of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui.

Article IV:


Level I:

If a minor law of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui is broken, the member shall face a fine of 50,000 CN dollars payable to a bank nation.

Level II:

If a major law (listed in Article III) of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui is broken, that member shall face a fine of 500,000+ CN dollars, as well as a 1-week ban from the SIM forums.

Level III:

If it is dubbed necessary by a judge in Senzai-Ishiki Menrui, the member shall face expulsion from SIM, and either pay 15,000,000 CNdollars or face permanent ZI from Senzai-Ishiki Menrui.

The Triumvirate of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui shall be the judges of the Alliance. They shall decide what crime requires what punishment. If a fine is not paid within 10 days of the date assigned, it shall be considered failure to pay, and the nation shall be permanently ZI’d.

Article V:


1) All members of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui shall have complete freedom of speech to say what they wish when they wish it, so long it does not break the laws listed above, or any federal/CN/Invisionfree laws.

2) All members of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui shall have complete protection from all attackers. If a nation is attacked, the attacker shall be messaged and dealt with accordingly.

3) Every nation has the right to propose new laws and amendments to the Constitution f Senzai-Ishiki Menrui without fear of scrutiny.

Article VI:


The Commander-in-chief of the army will be the Minister of War in cooperation with a designated Triumvir.

It is strictly forbidden for any member of Senzai-Ishiki Menrui to attack a member of a foreign alliance without government permission.

If Senzai-Ishiki Menrui goes to war, ALL MEMBERS are required to answer the call of war if they are messaged and told to do so.

All war expenses should be given to the Minister of the Interior in the proper thread. This is ONLY for major alliance wars, not individual wars.


mergerberger II Triumvir

Ernest12 Triumvir

Mayonnaise Triumvir

I hope to see you join soon, so that we may ride together on the path to victory.

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