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GOONS Accepts UCN's Surrender


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[IMG] http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z286/Vielwerth/Flagmk1.png[/IMG]
[IMG] http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/cybernations/images/8/82/EmpireflagVersion2JPEG.jpg[/IMG]
UCN Surrenders to GOONS, PC, and =LOST=

1. UCN agrees to not enter the conflict again
2. UCN agrees to pay GOONS 150m after the conflict comes to a close, within 3 months of the conflict ending.
3. UCN agrees to post a picture or Haiku about the conflict, and a rhyming couplet.

Goon Order Of Oppression Negligence and sadism
-Sardonic, GOONS Pilot
-lazerc, GOONS Co-Pilot
-chimpmasterflash, GOONS Council
-biazt, GOONS Council

Poison Clan
TwistedRebelDB47 - Master Killer
Derwood1 - The Dealthstalker Scorpion
Mishi - Gila Monster
Jensofthedesert - The Shark
CitizenKane - The Computer
jgator - The Stonefish
EmperorBrutus - He who has no title yet
Banslam - The Platypus


Secretary of the Interior
Minister of Silly Walks
Secretary of the Exterior
Exterior Council
Zarachii (Minister of Foreign Relations)
Ernesto Che Guevara (Minister of Defense)
Give Me Water (Minister of Communication)

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