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Trade w/Admin and or The Mod's Nations?

han fei zi

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I use admin nation as a test account so I do not like to trade with others since my settings are pretty unstable most of the time. Looks like The Mod might trade with you, but don't hold your breath for him to accept.

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20$ donation= 200 Infrastructure

Maximum Aid Amount= $4.5 Million

Being the Admin of an online nation simulator and being tech raided for the lulz= Priceless

There are some things money can't buy, for everything else there's \m/


who knows maybe the admin has multi acounts and has a nation in every alliance run by his illegal underground work force..

i hear many rumors about that, lol


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That it was. Notice they don't exist anymore. ^_^

silly \m/, trixs are for admin

and there are all kinds of rumors out there. like the one where jessica alba made a nation that everyone jumped

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