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With Friends Like These...

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It is a sad thing indeed when someone you consider to be a close ally conspires to undermine the stability of one's allance.

In the past month screenshots have been fed to me by the 57th Overlanders detailing what would appear to be a member of the Lodge (and former member of the 57th) using multiple forum and nation accounts to enable spying. The most damning "evidence" was identical IP addresses, which led to the dismissal of that member and a ZI sentence from the 57th.

Yesterday, a new screenshot was given to me by an annonymous member of the 57th Overlanders who is distressed by the conduct of his alliance. This new image is of a post from the leader of the 57th, Veneke, addressing unnamed members of his alliance, and revealing the details of thier conspiracy against members of the Grand Lodge in an exposition worthy a villain in a B-film.

Upon thorough inspection of this and the preceding screenshots, those images which caused an innocent member's expulsion have been proven to be fake, and this far more damning document - while not impossible to fake, is far beyond the skills the 57th posseses as evidenced by other forged documents in our possession, but which are not fit for public display due to the information they contain. (And yes, I know that the newest image could as well be a forgery, but any image on the entire 'net could be for that matter - you have to draw the line somewhere and believe what is in front of your eyes.)

At no point did the Lodge undertake to spy on our former allies, nor do we have evidence that the 57th has conducted any forum spying against the Lodge.

Given the absolute lack of respect, and the fact that there is no question of the 57th Overlanders' conspiring against the Lodge, we Masons consider the [URL="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=63831&st=0&gopid=1702732&#entry1702732"]Foundations of Serenity MDoAP[/URL]'s cancellation period null and void along with the rest of the treaty.

[B]The Grand Lodge of Freemasons hereby declares war on the 57th Overlanders.[/B]

While the 57th has burned this bridge irrevocably, the Grand Lodge still wishes to deal fairly with those who until just a day ago we considered our friends. To that end, any individual member of the 57th Overlanders not identified as a member of government or leadership will be free to surrender at any time, by resigning from the 57th, stating their resignation in this OWF thread (and PMing their attacker with a link to that post,) decommissionng any nuclear missiles, changing their Alliance Affiliation to [B]Lodge PoW[/B] and remaining there until either the state of war between the Lodge and the 57th is over, or until given permission to move on from Lodge government.
The surrender of the alliance of the 57th Overlanders as a whole will be considered by Lodge government should such a plea by the 57th's government be made.

Relevant screenshots are currently open to the public and may be viewed at our own forum:

I wish to make it crystal clear that this war has absolutely nothing to do with the greater confllict currently happenning.
The 57th brought this upon themselves by conspiring against an ally while they were already fighting on one front; and are about to learn a harsh but neccessary lesson.

We wish to limit this conflict to our two alliances, and leave allies on both sides free of this matter.
I will keep myself available to privately discuss this matter with government representatitves of any of the 57th's alllies.


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wow... honestly, after everything GLOF did for you, that's how you treat them? You should be ashamed of yourself, Ven.

This actually reminds me of that time NV had a treaty with NATO... meanwhile NATO was asking for NV targets to hit during the noCB war. Sometimes one needs to look no further than his own neighbourhood to find someone who wishes to do them harm.

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Well, this isn't a post of hate as... I dunno the real story, nor do I care.

I just wish both alliances luck on future endeavors.

You should both pick your allies more carefully next time.

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This is the most ridiculous accusation I have ever heard! Futhermore, to hear it here first, you didn't even come to anyone in gov at all Pen?! Had you come to me I would have given you a full mask to our forums immediately, without hesitation, to prove our innocence in this outrage. There only two things sadder to see this evening, first is your belief that this could possibly be true and second that we must still have descenders with our own ranks who would stoop to this level to harm those that have brought them into brotherhood and friendship.

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[quote name='deSouza' date='12 February 2010 - 10:28 PM' timestamp='1266042510' post='2178805']
You mean doing it or bragging about it?

Well I'd expect them to do neither of those things, but it seems too late for that. If you seek peace for your alliance Veneke, you better come clean about everything fast.

Edit: After having calmed down a little, I'd like to hear Veneke's side of the story before I make up my mind on this whole situation.

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