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new alliance: great free environment

dick tator

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Hello and welcome to the UNF. We are a new alliance, and I am an experienced leader. I created a brand new site today, and here is the charter.

God bless,

dick tator.



PS: I did not make an entirely long charter. it can be amended later.

The Charter of the United Military Forces:


We the nations of the UNF hereby defend our common cause of jingoism, and pledge our honor to fight tyranny on Planet bob freeman, to the Glory of God.

Article One: Government

I. The government shall be very limited in its functions, and shall only declare war or dispel members from the alliance, or conduct commerce with other alliances.

II. The soldiers (members) of the UNF will go through a basic rank system, where they will all become officers after a month of 'service,' (staying in the alliance).

III: All may join the UNF.

IV: Wars agressively fought on the UNF member nation's part will not be fought. If you apply for a military conflict lisence (ie permission to go to war with someone), you may then ZI the target. However, this lisence will not be given out freely, and is subject to be taken away from the member nation.

V: There will be no ill talking of other people, and their beliefs.

VI: Elections will be held for the five government seats each month.

VII: The government shall have a general (me) and councilors (other officers, ie. the first five to join).


General Dick Tator

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