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A merger between 2 alliances.

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I like to keep things short and sweet so.... Sanctuary and Supermarioforce will be merging together to form the Yukon Confederacy.

[quote][u][b][b][b]Charter of Yukon Confederacy[/b][/b][/b][/u]



In the hope of general advancement and the betterment of our union, we the newly undersigned members of the Yukon Confederacy do hereby enact and empower this charter as the foundation of our grand alliance and the basis of our government. In so doing, we grant that the rights of member’s states given in this charter shall be forever upheld and protected by this confederacy.
Article I: Membership[/big][/b][/u]
A) Applications[/b]

In order to become a member of Yukon Confederacy you must post an application in the right area of the Forums and it must be approved by either the Minister of Recruitment, the Minister of the Interior, or a Triumvir. A Minister may reject entry; however a reason must be given. Any Triumvir can veto that Ministers decision and that applicant can become a member.

[b]B) Member Behaviour[/b]
Honour, humbleness and courage are the representation of Yukon Confederacy members. All members must uphold the charter at all times. Members have the rights to full protection, a place free from discrimination and racism and rights to purchase and possess Nuclear weapons.
[b]C) Member Removal [/b]
The triumvirate hold the right to remove a member from Yukon Confederacy whenever they deem fit, however 2/3 have to agree. If a member decides to leave they must announce it on the forums beforehand. They must also repay any financial obligations to the Alliance.

All members reserve the right to leave Yukon Confederacy at all times as long as the following conditions are met:
- The Member posts a resignation thread at the designated area
- Fulfil any military or financial obligations imposed on them.
- The member has not conducted any form of espionage or any forms of aggression against Yukon Confederacy and her associates.
Article II: The Government
A) The Triumvirate of Yukon Confederacy [/b]

The Triumvirate of Yukon Confederacy are the 3 highest authorities in the alliance. They oversee the day to day business of the Alliance. They are not elected, but are there serving for life or until one resigns. The Triumvirate can overrule any decision of the Yukon Confederacy and have the final say on all internal and external actions of the Yukon Confederacy. If the members believe a Triumvir is no longer the best candidate to lead the alliance the triumvir could be removed by a vote. 2/3 of the Triumvir and 75% of the membership must agree. If there is a vacancy the 2 remaining triumvir will unanimously agree on a new candidate.

B) The Ministry[/b]

The Ministers of Yukon Confederacy are experienced and respected members of Yukon Confederacy. They oversee important issues of the alliance and report to the Triumvirate, each department may assign as many deputies as they see fit. A general election for each respected department is held every 4 months. The Triumvirate hold the right to remove a minister providing they give a good reason. If a minister is removed, the Triumvirate will allocate a new minister until the next elections. The departments are:
-[b]The Ministry of Defence[/b] is responsible for the general protection of the Yukon Confederacy; the military organization; and coordination and cooperation during times of war. The MoD must report any military conflict to the Triumvirate.
-[b]The Foreign Ministry[/b] is responsible for diplomacy; the maintenance of embassies, represents the alliance abroad and report to the Triumvirate about any diplomatic incidents.
-[b]The Ministry of Internal Affairs[/b] is responsible for the education of members and implementation, Managing internal programs and execution of an academy; membership admittance, resignation and handling of members;
-[b]The Ministry of Finance[/b] is responsible for organising tech deals, trade circles; financial aid to members; coordination of reconstruction efforts after war; and general financial prosperity of the Yukon Confederacy.
-[b]The Ministry of Recruitment[/b] is responsible for recruiting prospective members and attracting non-aligned nations to Yukon Confederacy.
Article III: Treaties[/b][/u]

To pass a treaty the triumvirate must unanimously agree. If a Triumvir is absent for a period of 72 hours, the minister of foreign affairs will take his place on the vote.

[u][b]Article IV: Policies[/b][/u]
A) Nuclear Policy[/b]

when fighting a defensive war, members of Yukon Confederacy are allowed to use nuclear first strikes. However a Yukon Confederacy member may never use a Nuke in an Offensive war or use it as a bargaining chip unless permission is granted from the triumvirate.

[b]B) Raiding Policy[/b]

The Yukon Confederacy allows raiding, however certain conditions must be met beforehand. These conditions are:
-The raid must not be on an alliance with over 5 members
-The nation being tech raided is over 10 days inactive
-Raiding members must offer peace if requested.

If caught violating these tech raiding rules, the nation will be charged with illegal tech raiding and be brought to the Ministry of Interior. The Ministry of Interior or a Triumvir will choose an appropriate punishment. The offending member may be subject to expulsion, made to re-pay all Aid given to them by Yukon Confederacy or ZI.

[b]C) War Policy[/b]

Unauthorized attacks on alliances over 5 members are not allowed, unless specifically ordered to by the Triumvirate. Violation of this article will be met with punishment, which will be dealt by the minister of interior or a triumvir.
D) Espionage[/b]
Members of Yukon Conference hold the right to purchase spies for security purposes. Members will not spy against other nations unless ordered to. The use of spies against Yukon Confederacy is viewed as an act of aggression, the nation in question may face ZI. However diplomacy will be used before any kind of retaliation.
Article V: Amendments[/b][/u]

This charter is open to amendment by the Triumvirate if 2/3 of the Triumvirate and 2 ministers agree.

Zurital - Triumvirate
Edmond Dantes - Triumvirate
Number1supermariofan - Triumvirate

P.S We are be protected by The Brigade. Both AA's (Sanctuary and Supermarioforce) will be protected by The Brigade for 7 days. Also I'm drunk so :D

Our IRC channel is: #yukon on coldfront

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The Brigade will defend SMF and ST members for a week to soften the merging process.


[size="7"]Old Friendship Accords[/size]

[URL=http://img16.imageshack.us/i/multiblue3brigflag.jpg/][IMG]http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/2662/multiblue3brigflag.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [img]http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/cybernations/images/2/20/Yukon3.png[/img]



In good faith, spirits and hopes for a peaceful and prosperous future, The Brigade and The Yukon Confederacy enter into the following protectorate treaty and agree to its terms.


Neither signatory alliance shall engage in any sort of aggression against the other signatory of this treaty. This includes, but is not limited to, acts such as: Tech Raiding, General Wars, Spying, Flaming/Trolling or inflicting intentional harm from one signatory to the other.


In the event that YC comes under attack by a foreign entity, the BRIG is obligated to come to the defence and aid of the afore mentioned alliance. Should BRIG come under attack by hostile forces, YC is encouraged, but not required to offer defence or aid to BRIG. BRIG is not required to support nor defend YC should creditable evidence surface that the war was initiated by YC as a whole or as a single nation.

Shared intelligence
Both the above signatories agree to share any information that carries a possible threat toward the other signatory, and will always respect the other signatory’s desire to keep such information confidential, should the request arise.

BRIG will not interfere with YC’s internal affairs in any way, shape or form unless specifically asked by YC to assist in internal matters.

Should either signatory wish to cancel this agreement, they must notify the other signatory through diplomatic channels. The treaty will remain active for an additional 72 hours after official notification of cancellation has been received.

For The Brigade:

Brigadier General: Xander Don
Chief Commissioner: FoAmY99
Grand Emissary: Segovia

Military Affairs: SeraphimJulius
Internal Affairs: JB dinglenutz
Foreign Affairs: Ecthelion

For the Yukon Confederacy:

Zurital- Triumvir
Edmond Dantes- Triumvir
Number1supermariofan- Triumvir[/quote]

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yay! congrats on the merger. i've been waiting for this to be official for some time now. good luck guys!

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Well, it's better than SuperMarioForce being lonely I guess.

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I was given the link to this thread in a suspicious query. I decided to follow it however, and found that Zurital has done something again.

Congratulations, and best of luck in your future. ^_^

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After posting, I realized that Ecthelion was here. You can't go too far from a former Brigadier to find another one, can you? Hai Ecthey. :wub:

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Nobody tells me anything anymore. D:
Hey Buddies from the past and future.
and grats to us for making this happen behind somebody's back.

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I'm like 90% sure this name has been used before. I'm assuming that's why the Protectorate is called the Old Friendship Accords.

Best of luck with the merger.

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Thanks guys.
[quote name='WolfsPride' date='11 February 2010 - 02:05 AM' timestamp='1265853933' post='2173624']
That's a sharp looking flag. I like it

I'm guessing you like the flag because theres a wolf in it :awesome:

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