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Imperial Decree - New Polar

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[size=4]Imperial Decree[/size][/center]

[b]Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi[/b]

My policy in regards to this war has caused confusion, anger and indignation on both of the current "sides." I am fine with that. In truth, I wouldn't have it any other way. That does not change the fact, however, that my happiness is not shared by many others. I realize that, and I have decided that my days as Emperor of the New Polar Order are coming to an end. Soon I will join Assington in the great brewery in the sky, and my trusted Regent Penguin will take up the mantle I was forced to seize from my old friend Electron Sponge over eighteen months ago.

The time for that change is coming. It is not, however, now. No, now is the time for me to tie up some loose ends.

The Archon of the Greenland Republic and the King of the Mushroom Kingdom have both activated their individual MDoAP's with the New Polar Order in response to the Order of the Paradox's recent declaration of war. The common logic I have seen people relying on in recent times is that these activations will put us in a morally conflicted position. To a certain extent that is correct, as I largely agree with TOP's standards on CN social conventions, and hope that after this entire mess ends the rest of you seriously reconsider the rubbish standards which you have so far been prepared to propagate or tolerate in the name of "fun." My agreement on that issue does not change the fact, however, that the New Polar Order has never been an alliance to duck her obligations, nor does it alter my belief that TOP's declaration was poorly written and incredibly foolish.

Just because I do not agree with the declaration of TOP does not mean, however, that the activations on the part of GR and MK are something I greet with great pleasure. The New Polar Order is, after all, currently at war with three or more alliances; the addition of another front, especially a front which will support the "side" of the three alliances currently at war with us, is not something I relish. It is becoming increasingly clearer that signing treaties with alliances who are tied into a MADP bloc has many pitfalls, it is also clear that our relationship with GR has become an inactive shell due to their commitments to C&G over any other allies. I have today advised GR of my intention to cancel our treaty. Whilst MK has similar commitments, they have worked hard as allies and friends to assist us, their communications are current, and although mostly abuse, they at least say something. Our relationship is strained to breaking point and the over/unders on cancelation will not be satisfied tonight. If you had let me bet, maybe things would have been different.

This cancellation does not change not change our current written commitments with GR, nor does it affect our commitments to MK. Both sets of commitments are clear, and I will honor them.

The New Polar Order hereby declares war upon the Order of the Paradox.

o/ Polaris

tl:dr - Commence abuse of Grub now.

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It was not an easy decision to request the help of the New Polar Order, just as it was not an easy thing to call on a number of our other allies. However, the Mushroom Kingdom has been under savage assault by a number of alliances whose nations are superior to our own in technology, though perhaps not in ability, and I must do all that I can to protect the men and women of my realm. They look to me for guidance, and I must and will do everything in my means to prolong their lives and ensure their future security.

It is true that the Kingdom and Polaris have had...very strained relations as of late. However, I do have every faith in our ability to continue on as friends, and feel that, despite being laden with emotional strife, we will actually be stronger for it. No alliance is perfect, and we all make mistakes. Many of them. Neither MK nor Polar have been perfect in this war, and that is to be expected given the nature of the conflict. However, that does not take away from the meaning this act holds.

By doing this, you take great harm unto yourself. By doing this, you are blatantly putting yourself into a worse position so that you may help us come out of this alive and victorious. That is a sacrifice on a level few alliances have had the stones to show across the history of this planet, and it is not something this Kingdom will ever forget.

Hail to you, Polaris. To those of you who love us and to those of you who hate us. Through our emotion may we forge tighter bonds, and through our strength may we deliver eachother from this calamity alive and in victory may we rejoice!

o/ Polaris
o/ the Kingdom
o/ Grub

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This is a sad day.

I hope the relationship between Polaris and GR can be fixed, as I know GR is very loving of their former allies in NpO.

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This war almost makes me wish I was a neutral.

There is not enough popcorn in the world for this.

That said, good to see you coming through for us Polar. Welcome to the TOP front.

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