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Federation of Hispanic Nations

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yo so heres our charter. our irc channel is #FOHN and like the above our forums are under construction.

1#. Membership.

To join FOHN one must be on black team, must not be on any alliance's ZI or PZI list.

2#. Government.

The Emperor is the absolute leader of the alliance and can ban a member at any time,there is only one emperor at a time. The Royal advisers are the dukes, there may be four at a time. Next are the Lords they each control one department. There are five departments, Defense,Education,Internal Affairs, Foriegn Affairs and Recruiting. Each Lord may have up to 3 deputies.

3# Council.

The council may have up to twelve members at a time, the point on the council is to vote upon what the alliance should do in important matters( The Emperor or Emperors may make a decision without consulting the council). A member of the council can be removed by the Emperor at any time. When consulting the council and the voting starts , to win the vote must have at least seven members on its side, if its a tie the Emperor may be a tiebraker.

4#. Resignations.
A member can leave FOGN at any time,exept when FOGN in in a war. Only when peace is declared then they may leave. If a member leaves during war they are too be ZI'd or they may have a worse punishment depending on what the council believes is just.

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