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[center][quote][b] War! that mad game the world so loves to play. ~Jonathan Swift

[center]FOK activates the “Put Your Hands On Your Hips’ article of The Timewarp Treaty we have with Fark and declares war on MCXA and Echelon.[/center]


[i]Signed by FOK
Uncle Harry, President
Oinkoink12, Minister of Defense
Tarenzi, Minister of Foreign Affairs
DiviFilius, Minister of Internal Affairs
Outlander, Minister of Economical Affairs[/i][/center]

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[quote name='King Chill I' date='05 February 2010 - 07:18 PM' timestamp='1265393926' post='2161727']
And today i say to you, "Ich bein ein Fokker"

I dunno why though, I mean, it's not like it's them joining the war with this DoW, it's just an additional front ;)

Even so, enjoy yourselves.

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