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facebook "Nations"---> CN  

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First of all I know this isn't a solid solution, but I think its worth a try:
For those of you who have a facebook, you may or may not be aware that they have an application called "nations". This is basically a NS rip off. So, if we had a migration from NS (The Pacific order-->NPO), why can't we try to get some from facebook?

[i]Why is it worth trying to get them to come over from this application?[/i]
It has just under 40,000 monthly users. If we can get 1% to come over (and stay active), that's ~400 new members to CN

I am currently under the process of getting their biggest alliance (New Axis Powers) to convert over. They have 500 members and I think about 100 could possibly make the transition, but these numbers are just vague estimates.

[i]What makes them likely to transition?[/i]
The "Nations" staff members aren't as awesome as cybernation's :P and aren't making any money off of it, so development is very slow. They haven't even come out with a working war feature yet. The members of this application are fed up and demand blood.

More members=more tech, wars, and fun
These guys are totally ignorant to planet Bob and could totally change the political landscape

I doubt many will stay
The NAP (who I'm trying to convert over) may deny my request, or they are become very imperial and tech raid they hell outta planet Bob.
Many have pro-Nazi views (most of it is RP and [b]NONE[/b] are anti-Semite)

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