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Conservative Politically Allied Countries

Kyle Smith

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Hello everyone!

I’m pleased to be here today announcing the existence of Conservative Politically Allied Countries. Founded on September 1st, CPAC has been working very hard through recruiting to hit the 20 member mark before declaring its existence. That day was long ago... Today, I’m finally getting around to declaring.

Our Charter:

[Quote] Article I- Mission

The nations of the Conservative Politically Allied Countries (CPAC) band together in the names of mutual defense, mutual prosperity, and mutual satisfaction in order to expand our ideas and objectives in the Planet Bob.

Article II- Membership

Any nation that desires to uphold the aforementioned values and commits to defending, aiding, and otherwise helping to benefit the alliance as a whole will be granted membership into CPAC.

Upon being granted membership, new nations have five days to change team color to white team, change alliance affiliation to Conservative Political Allied Countries, and submit information into any topic that so states a requirement.

Membership can be stripped if a nation has been found to have committed espionage, endangered the alliance in any way, or have committed heinous crimes against a fellow member. Stripping membership shall require a unanimous decision by the Conclave and must be decided within three days of being informed of any transgression.

Article III- Government

The government of CPAC shall be in the form of a Triumvirate council henceforth known as the Conclave. The Conclave members will serve life terms or until either retirement or impeachment.

The first Triumvirate shall be charged with the alliances foreign affairs. It will be his duty to create a safe environment for the alliance politically and economically in the Planet Bob. The Triumvirate of Foreign Affairs has the power to write and submit treaties to the alliance which will be discussed and acted upon by the Conclave. The Triumvirate also has the ability to retain a deputy to help fulfill these duties.

The second Triumvirate shall be charged with setting up and maintaining an adequate state of military and defensive readiness. The Triumvirate of Defense shall set a military standard and is charged with creating and maintaining an Alliance Defense Fund that shall help grow and repair nations so that the alliance will always be ready for any defensive or offensive action. The Triumvirate also has the ability to retain a deputy to help fulfill these duties.

The third Triumvirate shall be charged with the growth of the alliance. The Triumvirate of Growth will create and maintain a recruitment, education, and development system for the alliance. The Triumvirate also has the ability to retain a deputy to help fulfill these duties.

As stated before, all Conclave members will serve life terms. If any need for impeachment from office is deemed necessary, it requires a unanimous vote from the other two triumvirates.

At any time that the Conclave should require advice on any issue, it has the right to create an Advisory Council that will deliberate on the matter and give a recommendation to the Conclave. This council can be created and abolished at the will of the Conclave.

Article IV- War

War can only be declared by a unanimous Conclave decision. It is then the duty of the Triumvirate of Defense to put in place a course of action that will allow the alliance the best chance of success. It is the duty of the Triumvirate of Foreign Affairs to ensure peace or spoils of war when the war has finished its course.

Article V- Nuclear Strike Policy

It will be the policy of CPAC to not allow any nuclear first-strikes unless otherwise approved by the Conclave and then ordered by the Triumvirate of Defense and only the Triumvirate of Defense. The stockpiling of nuclear weapons to be used in retaliation or deterrence is both allowed and promoted by this Charter.

Article VI- Espionage

Espionage will not be allowed under this Charter.

Article VII- Amendment

This Charter can be amended by a Unanimous vote by the Conclave or a majority vote by a special advisory board that is charged with deliberating and deciding on any proposed amendments.[/Quote]

Our Government:

[*]Kyle Smith, Triumvirate of Foreign Affairs
[*]Millhouse, Triumvirate of Defense
[*]epilitimus, Triumvirate of Growth

Forums: http://cpac.b1.jcink.com
IRC channel: #CPAC on coldfront.net

Current Treaties:

[*]IAA Protectorate

I’d like to invite anyone that is interested in relations with CPAC to visit our forums and I’d be happy to get you set up with an embassy. For those of you that are interested, we’re protected by IAA as stated here… http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=72740

Special thanks go out to SSSW18, though they don’t exist anymore, for being CPAC’s first protectors. Also, a very special thanks goes out to Raithen for designing and donating our flag to us. It's pretty much amazing.

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[quote name='Schattenmann' date='04 February 2010 - 06:36 PM' timestamp='1265326569' post='2159652']
Let's get this one in while you're getting started: Nobody likes misleading thread titles.

Congrats on meeting your goals so far, otherwise.

While misleading titles are no fun, it definitely accomplished the goal of you looking ;). Thanks for the support so far everyone.

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