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Buffalo Niagara

Olympus New years resolutions

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Official Valhalla-Olympus Self Improvement Project

A month or so ago, Bud and I were sitting in our rocking chairs, drinking beer and chasing kids off our lawn. We got to talking and realized that the residents of our two “homes of the gods” had gotten a little lax. So we decided to make some New Years Resolutions.

1. No more letting the mead barrels run dry. (check)
2. Weekly flea dips for the Buffalo (check. Except when I hide :P )
3. Begin a Sheep protection program (check)
4. Monthly inspections of war hammers and be-dazzled nukes (check)
5. Shed excess infra.

We’ve accomplished the first four. Now it’s time to start working on the next one.


Valhalla, Olympus has no better friends and it’s a pleasure to become workout buddies with you again. Together we’re sure to meet our resolutions. This time we’re challenging Nordreich. Let’s see who is most effective at shedding those excess infra levels.

The Council of Potentates
Buffalo Niagara--Regent
The Pansy—PoFA
Spartan 519—PoD

(And His Majesty Stumpy, King of Purple saw his subjects efforts at self improvement and said “It is good. Carry on, my children.”)

[03:02] (Pansy): Stumpy, Stumpy my King, we have a situation.
[03:03] (Pansy): The Holy Paladins of Purple, Valhalla, are under attack from multiple enemies
[03:03] (Pansy): Stumpy, our beloved King
[03:03] (Pansy): what shall we do?
(Pansy): Stumpy, Purple, knows you are busy, but your guidance is needed
[03:05] (Stumpy): Pansy, my queen, my Paladins in Valhalla need aid.
[03:05] (Stumpy): By the power vested in me, as the King and Lord High Protector of Purple, I push our forces in Olympus to war.
[03:06] (Stumpy): Take down the German menace.
[03:06] (Stumpy): Rain down Nuclear hell fire my children.
[03:07] (Pansy): Stumpy, my great King, your words pleases the Olympians
[03:07] (Pansy): As you have spoken, it shall be done.
[03:08] (Stumpy): This pleases your King Pansy.
[03:08] (Pansy): For Purple, For Stumpy.
[03:08] (Pansy): o/ Stumpy great King of Purple

tldr: go back and read....its worth it and Stumpy said you had to.

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Love the DoW buff lol

o/ Olympus, great friends for sure. :)

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Olympus, I am fully with you guys on this one. Nuke 'em, slap 'em do what you got to do. Just make sure you do some damage.

<3 SO - Be there soon. :P

o/ Olympus

o/ Buffy

o/ QH

:wub: Pansy

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[quote name='The Pansy' date='03 February 2010 - 11:38 PM' timestamp='1265261917' post='2158144']
For Stumpy o/

Viva LSF!!!!!!!

have fun kids, its casualty time :D

And remember, dear, that on the back of your hand will be directions you can understand.

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[quote name='Ashoka the Great' date='03 February 2010 - 09:33 PM' timestamp='1265261635' post='2158110']
Your funeral. Have fun, though.

In the grave we shall lay together. Cheers, now lets have some fun.

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[quote name='Vinzent Zeppelin' date='04 February 2010 - 05:42 AM' timestamp='1265262129' post='2158171']
I wonder if your blitz will be as good as our counter-blitz. To arms!
I hope it is! Nothing like a good challenge!

Heil NoR

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