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RIA surrenders unconditionally

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The RIA hereby surrenders to RIA and agrees to become a tech farm for RIA for an indefinite period of time, to be overseen by cctmsp13.

cctmsp13 now holds the title of the Viceroy of the Random Insanity Alliance.


As his first act as Viceroy.
- in order to avoid veterans affairs costs, we have decided to instead hurl our war veterans into war with the Order of Light since we ended up with so many war veterans thanks to the prolonged-yet-bloodless RIA-RIA war.



Thunder Strike, Triumvir of Awesomeness, Hater of Cats and hoarder of chestnuts.
Shadow, Triumvir of Random Insanity, The Ultimate Lifeform, Mystic Dragon Emperor of the Cheeselands, Puppetmaster of Chaos
Delta1212, Triumvir of the Random Insanity Alliance, Demi-God of Maroon, Psychic Cupcake Overlord of the Cupcakery, Eperor of the SuperFriends
C-zom, Head of Military Operations
Ogaden, Head of Foreign Affairs, chief Cactimus Prime window washer, left arm of Voltron
Shadow Slayer, whatever I usually put.

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