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Getting more people


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[quote name='lonedeathknight' date='03 February 2010 - 09:09 PM' timestamp='1265252954' post='2157796']
Hi Im new how do i get more citzens and fast

Citizen count is a combination of your trades (some resources give population boosts) and infra.

The bottom line is that the more infra you have, the more citizens you have.

The advice given above, about joining an alliance and selling tech, is good advice.

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Certain improvements (Clinics, hospital), a better environment, certain wonders (DRA, NRL, ADP (to name a few)), and land also add smaller (but essential) amounts than just infra (which, IIRC, adds 7 per (before modifiers)).

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1. Join a team (color) with a decent number of nations on it. Right now you are not on a team which is why you are probably not getting trade offers.
2. Join an alliance of decent size (preferably not one involved in the current war).
3. You have a fantastic combination of resources. People will be making you lots of trade offers. Accept those that boost your pop and give you good bonuses.
4. Tech trade like crazy (3m for 50 tech is pretty standard these days).
5. Buy infra, infra, and more infra.

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