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[center]Official United Commonwealth of Nations Declaration of War


We were sitting around talking with our allies and found out that one of our bestest buddies were missing?! We looked everywhere for them and we found out they ditched us to play with CnG. We were so sad that we weren't invited. Then we saw a nice little alliance who wanted attention and started to play with FEAR too! So Via our MADP with FEAR, UCN declares war on The immortals. We hope that we can get to know you folks real well :)


Short Version: UCN Declares war on The Immortals.

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[quote name='Johjima' date='03 February 2010 - 12:24 AM' timestamp='1265174688' post='2155025']
You are not pointless.
its ok they are out of the closet about it dont have to make them feel better about it

Immortals, lucky D:

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