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OMFG Declaration of War

Kill Joy

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Beware, the giant slayers march once more! Tonight, February 2nd, the Ordinary Men Fighting Giants respond to TOP "treaty stuff" and [b]declare war upon Sparta.[/b]

Kill Joy - Chieftain
Bodebiek - Shaman Tribune
ClockworkOrange - Pathfinder Tribune
KageTheSecond - Vanguard Tribune
Kamadeyaha - Pochtecatl Tribune
Jedaye DaGeordie - Tribal Elder
NeoAnderson - Rain Dancer Elder


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Top Posters In This Topic

It is an honor to fight alongside these fine gentlemen for the first time, and I hope I can live up to their reputation as we take on Sparta, an alliance that despite my current position opposite of I have fond feelings for. Best of luck on the field of battle, Spartans, you shall need it against these quite more than ordinary men.

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