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A Joint Announcement from The Legion and The Order of Light

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[color="#9932CC"]The Legion and The Order Of Light Ride to War [/color][/size]


[img] http://bonefaceproductions.com/images/Flags/Flag12.png[/img]

I am a man of few words and won't waste my breath on empty rhetoric. We come before you today to announce the entrance of The Order of Light and The Legion into this momentous war. Our mutual friends and allies in the Independent Republic of Orange Nations have come under assault from many fronts. Such enemies shall be struck down ruthlessly, our vengeance shall be swift and just. The Legion and The Order of Light hereby declare war on Sparta.

/s/ for The Legion


Hubb of WV United Empire, Imperator
Lord Fingolfin of Dorthonion, Proconsul
Totem of Ciumideii, Minister of Defense
Emperor Power of Arcadian Empire, Minister of Internal Affairs
Watcher of Gambrin, Minister of Economics

/s/ for The Order of Light

[img] http://www.theorderoflight.com/forums/uploads/images/1264380374-U1.png[/img]

Lord Captain Commander, grahamkeatley
Hand of Foreign Affairs, Mia
Hand of Internal Affairs, Creekynoise
Hand of Finance, PlanckBorn
Hand of Executive Affairs, Dodoei123
Hand of Commerce, Dealmaster13
Hand of War, Willem
Inquisitors, Jarkko and Captain Mudfoot
The Council of Light



Props to Gamemaster of TOOL for the pic


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