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La Cosa Nostra


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[b][size="5"]After the battle comes the rewards![/size][/b]

[b]IRC[/b]: #LCN on coldfront

La Cosa Nostra, is a new alliance to Planet Bob.

LCN is the new premier Mafia themed alliance, located on the black trading sphere.

La Cosa Nostra, has an experienced leader, The Don - Blind Murder v2, who's been playing and learning this game from all over Planet Bob, since 2006.

LCN is allied and protected by the Amazon Nation, a mid tier Black team alliance.

While LCN is a small scale alliance it is a very organized organization.

Joining LCN offers many benefits, like most alliance out there:[/center]
[*] Guides and Mentors to teach you the game, and teach you how to build your nation to the best possible nation it can be.
[*] Guidance from other experienced players
[*] Trade Assistance
[*] Guaranteed Tech Deals
The one thing LCN offers that most of these larger alliances cannot, is that once you become a member, you become a part of a family, THE FAMILY, of La Cosa Nostra.

You will not just be seen as another member to our list, or a statistic on our charts, or another nation to tech farm.

Your voice will be heard, your opinions will matter, and you will be able to advance far in the ranks of LCN.

For further questions or inquires, feel free to send me a PM, and I will respond ASAP.




Edited by Blind Murder v2
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