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A FAIL Declaration

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[color="#0000FF"]Now, I am not sure what to say. There are so many alliances that I truly despise that I do not know who to declare on. Well, until now. A few days ago Dark Fist declared war on the Order of the Paradox. I cannot even begin to explain the cowardice and opportunism blatantly displayed by the Dark Fist alliance. Not only was TOP already outnumbered, Dark Fist is mostly in peace mode, and thus only hitting already disabled targets.

Of course we are still ignoring the bigger picture. For months Dark Fist has raged on and on about how much they would love to hit the New Sith Order, yet when presented with an opportunity to do so they turn tail. FAIL will not stand for such cowardice. As such, we declare war on Farkistan alliance. That will be all.

I leave you with a comic stripped prepared by the finest artists in all of FAIL. Enjoy.


Hugs and Kisses,
God Emperor Rebel Virginia[/color]

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[quote name='King DrunkWino' date='02 February 2010 - 01:43 AM' timestamp='1265075006' post='2151677']
Did you *really* not get that one?


Should have been more obvious or maybe I was sub-conciously bringing his joke to the light of those to dumb to understand it.

Did you not know I am RV's prophet?

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