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President Anyatevich addresses Parliament...

Imperator Azenquor

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-Great People's Khural

[b][u]BCNA: President addresses Parliament [/b][/u]

[i] “President Anyatevich was called upon to address the Great People’s Khural (Parliament) this morning in light of several new developments in both local and foreign affairs. The President also brought the Parliament up to date on the situation in East Ingushetia and explained his government’s position regarding the Midway dispute.

The President’s address comes two days before the Parliament is expected to open debate on the next national budget for the new financial year. In his address, the President argued for more significant increases in state funding for Defense and Healthcare programs and a reduction in the budgetary allocation to the National Financial Reserve.”[/i]-Reporter


[i] “This afternoon I have been called upon to address the Great People’s Khural regarding several issues of importance. It is my intention to address issues concerning the budget, the political developments in East Ingushetia, as well as to address the situation developing in the Pacific over Midway Island.

In two days, the debate on the next National Budget will begin. My government intends to push for significant increases in Defense expenditure and Healthcare programs over the next few years. We intend to undertake several projects to improve the capability of our Armed Forces to defend our territory and to maximize the efficiency of all military equipment used by our Armed Forces. In the age of global warfare, a small technological edge may translate to the difference between victory and defeat on the battlefield.

Regarding healthcare, my government will continue to move towards a completely efficient National Healthcare Service. With additional funding we will increase the standards at hospitals across the country to a government mandated standard prior to the creation of the proposed NHS. With all hospitals meeting the standards for equipment, staff and medical care, it would then allow a smooth transition to a state owned network of hospitals and to expand the existing National Health Insurance system.

Regarding the situation developing in East Ingushetia Autonomous Region, I have consulted with representatives from the Office of the Imperator, as well as with members of the Judiciary regarding how the government should proceed. With the approval of the Supreme People’s Court, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Governor Li. Accordingly officers from the Organization of the Zodiac (Special Forces) moved in and detained the Governor pending charges of secession and violating the Constitution. In line with the Regional Continuity Act, I signed a Presidential Decree removing Governor Li as the Regional Governor of East Ingushetia.

As previously announced, the illegal referendum will not be recognized by the government and will not be used as the basis of any future negotiations regarding the political status of the East Ingushetia Autonomous Region within the Union of Vauleyo-Buryatia. For the interim, I have appointed Deputy President Grigori Ourumov as Acting Governor of East Ingushetia.

Deputy President Ourumov has been charged with maintaining stability in the East Ingushetia Autonomous Region, and with taking charge of the Regional Police Force. I have also ordered the formation of a Special Commission to examine potential reforms to the Regional Charter of the East Ingushetia Autonomous Region. I will again reiterate that East Ingushetia is and will continue to be a fundamental part of the Union of Vauleyo-Buryatia. Its independence is non-negotiable and is not an option to be considered.

Finally, I have been asked to comment on the situation in the Pacific occurring regarding Midway Island. From our perspective the issues are rather complex and have no simple solution. On the one hand, the island in question is a rather small territory that could not be considered as being significant enough to go to war over. On the other, the backgrounds of the nations involved, including the Tahoe Republic’s support of the [b]‘America for Americans’[/b] doctrine raise some suspicion as to the purpose of their presence in the Pacific.

As a nation in Asia, we are concerned by the presence of the Tahoe Republic on Midway Island, in light of the conflicting reports as to what exists on the island in question. While we do support the objections leveled by the government of Greater Pacifica, we hope that cooler heads prevail and that the situation does not devolve into an armed conflict. We hope that despite the threats exchanged, that some form of compromise solution is found.

My government will continue to support the position of Greater Pacifica regarding Midway Island however we see no reason at this time to extend military support to either party involved. If a situation of armed conflict were to develop, and if our allies were to become involved, then my government would consider a reevaluation of our position.

I will continue to update the Great People’s Khural on developments regarding the Midway Situation, and regarding our government’s position on that situation. We will consult with our allies and other nations in the region as we continue to monitor the situation.”[/i]-President Anyatevich

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