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Crazy Little Thing Called War


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Good evening,

Once again, the Panda Knights and the Moofia must put aside their petty squabbles and fight for a common cause. Once again, the Brigade comes together, singing our war song as we fight alongside our allies. It is a song that strikes fear into the heart of our enemies:


To Sparta: it will be good to fight alongside you again.
To TOP: Hello. Good luck and hopefully this will be fun for both sides.


[b]Brigadier General:[/b] Xander Don
[b]Chief Commissioner: [/b]FoAmY99
[b]Grand Emissary:[/b] Segovia
[b]Military Affairs:[/b] SeraphimJulius
[b]Internal Affairs:[/b] JB dinglenutz
[b]Foreign Affairs:[/b] Ecthelion

Edited by Segovia
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[quote name='QuotingTheCrow' date='31 January 2010 - 09:54 PM' timestamp='1265003664' post='2149865']
Have fun!

p.s I think you ment to link to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrelPOP518g

One of my favorites, but the link I provided was the correct one. :D

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